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Hey guys! I’m new to WordPress, so to get a feel for the site and how it suits my hobbies of reviewing movies, my first reviews/posts will be ones that I’ve already written. In the spirit of the new year, I will be posting only my “Top 10” and “Bottom 5” movies of 2015 (or at least for the ones I wrote reviews for). Enjoy and let me know what everyone thinks. 🙂


I love the Mission: Impossible film franchise. Maybe not so much the second one (like most people, but to its credit it’s hilariously entertaining), but each of them has something great about it. Since GHOST PROTOCOL was the best of the then-four movies, I was incredibly stoked when ROGUE NATION was announced. And they were bringing back incredible stunts and tense sequences, I had high expectations that this would be just as good as GHOST.


After a successful mission in taking back weapons about to be sold to terrorists known as the Syndicate, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is about to accept his next assignment. The assignment acknowledges that he did a great job, but that the mission he had was just a test and the assignment he’s getting right now is actually the Syndicate and it’s leader, Soloman Lane (Sean Harris). Thankfully, his capture is short-lived as his escape is assisted by the undercover British agent Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson). Simultaneously to these events, CIA director Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) is attempting to dismantle the IMF… and succeeds. Agents William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) and Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) are transferred to the CIA and begin a search to bring in Ethan, whom has disappeared, for his reckless nature that’s resulted in destruction and the loss of countless lives. In the mean time, Ethan is on the hunt for proof that the Syndicate exists and must evade both enemies and allies.


YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAH, BABY!!! For those of you that thought GHOST was the best, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, ROGUE NATION is right up there as well. These recent M:I films have been amazing and exciting as all hell. Not only that, but they’re funny, shot unlike most action movies where you can actually follow the action instead of relying on quick-cuts to simulate intensity (seriously, even the BOURNE movies are wearing out that welcome), the actors continue to have great chemistry, the stunts are nail-biting, what else can I say about it?

But that’s all the usual goodness we expect from a M:I movie. What specifically stands out for me?

Particularly the character Ilsa. She is written in such a way that you honestly don’t know which side she’s on. She plays the morally ambiguous character so well, it’s almost a disappointment that she isn’t written like that all-throughout the movie. I feel like she could easily have been to M:I the way the character Ada Wong was to the video game franchise RESIDENT EVIL, a character that you can never fully trust because she always betrays you, but keeps helping you out of death-defying situations. Lord knows it couldn’t hurt at least ONE of these spy franchises (James Bond being the referred second franchise) to maintain at least ONE of these talented female leads in a sequel. But whatever, Ferguson does very well and this is more of a knitpick than anything else.




And in a mind-blowing surprise twist, this is the first M:I movie that didn’t have the antagonist get killed off in the end. I mean, it honestly took me a bit to think about that, but… yeah, Jon Voight died, Dougray Scott, Phillip Seymore Hoffman (God rest his soul), Michael Nyqvist all bit the dust in the end. Harris’ Lane is the first M:I villain that gets captured alive. And to boot, it’s one of the most gloriously ironic “fuck you’s” I’ve ever seen since Eddie Murphy in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR owning Dave Chappelle. The ending is simply icing on a very delicious cake.




If I had any real complaint about the film would be, weirdly enough, the villain himself: Lane. Don’t get me wrong, Harris is a great actor when given the right material, but I just couldn’t help but feel like Lane wasn’t that threatening a baddie. He’s doesn’t have Phillip Seymore Hoffman’s intensity and menace, or even is as hilariously over-the-top memorable as Dougray Scott. He’s very bland, personality-wise. He’s a dick, don’t get me wrong, but he doesn’t maintain that level of dick-ness throughout. His introduction was perfect, but the rest is just… merr.

But none of that really matters. This movie is fantastic and more than worth the price of admission. Highest of recommendations if you’re a fan of the franchise or its stars.



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