Melissa McCarthy… anyone who’s seen this trailer knew what they were in for: another McCarthy role. Foul language and raunchy humor in general. *sigh* As many can guess, I’m not exactly a fan of this brand of humor if it’s done wrong and McCarthy films rarely do it right. I believe she’s a good and funny actress, but many of her films of late have not showcased any of her talent. So out of the five new movies we got in our theatre, this was the one I was probably looking forward to the least. The trailer just didn’t seem like it was very funny and would be loaded with unfunny redhead jokes. But to shine light through that dark cloud, Kristen Bell and Peter Dinklage were in this movie, so that’s at least a couple elements to enjoy. So is the movie as bad as I think it is? Is this a pleasant surprise? Do you want me to shut up and just tell you what I think? Yeah you do. This is my honest opinion of THE BOSS.



The story follows Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy), whom in her youth bounced from foster home to foster home, repeatedly given back to the the orphanage. She grew up to believe that families were for suckers and became completely self-reliant, becoming one of the wealthiest and most popular people in America. That is…to her fans. Her assistant, Claire (Kristen Bell), is constantly overlooked by Michelle for her excellent work and practically laughed at her when she requests a raise. However, things get complicated when Michelle is arrested for insider trading, which she is guilty of. Later, she’s released from prison. With no money and no place to go, she finds her way to Claire’s home. Convinved by her daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson), Michelle is allowed to stay with them until she gets back on her feet. Before long, Michelle eats one of Claire’s brownies, thinks they’re amazing, and wants to rebuild herself making a brownie empire with Claire.



You ever look at a dog and think, “alright, you’re barking at me. I know you don’t like me. I’m just going to avoid you,” and then CHOMP, the damn mutt bites you? Yeah…this movie is kind of like that. This just might be the worst McCarthy movie I’ve seen.

Once again, McCarthy is playing the same role she’s been dished throughout her career, except someone thinks that by giving her short red hair will somehow make the role more distinguished. Um, no, someone needs to be slapped for thinking that.

Before seeing this movie, TAMMY was the worst McCarthy movie I’d seen. But while the movie was pretty bad, I can’t say I remember anything other than the character Tammy to be annoying and unlikable. I don’t remember insulting humor, that is. But in this movie, that changes.

There’s a scene where Michelle is off to try and reconnect with some old collegues to get back on her feet. When she’s told to piss off, Melissa takes it so personally that she insults a character’s dead wife…for no reason whatsoever. This man’s wife didn’t play any role in the events taking place here and Michelle attacks her. Once again, I have to express my concern over this brand of humor. There’s no comedy in making fun of the recently departed, which this film implies. It’s in poor taste, there’s no intelligence behind it, and it’s just mean-spirited.

That’s the cardinal sin of the movie, of course, and the rest of the characters don’t hold up much better. While I can tell that Bell is trying to make her character work, and she is pretty good with her comedic reactions, but Claire is not a realistic character. Miatreated by her boss for years, constantly making unappreciated sacrifices as a single mom, no sane person would ever let someone like that live in their home. What Michelle did was her own damn fault and whatever happenes to her ia her fault, not Claire’s, no matter what her daughter says. And to tolerate similar borderline-abuse during the weeks Michelle stays with them, that’s just unheard of. These choices make no sense and seriously distract me from fully liking the actress portraying her. Bell, I love you, I wish I was a bigger fan of yours and seen more stuff of you, but please say no to roles like this. It can’t be healthy for your career.

Now lets talk about Claire’s romantic interest, Mike, played by Tyler Labine. I am not familiar with this gentleman’s resume, and as per usual, I will not bash the man himself, but… I will not pull punches regarding the character he portrays on screen, and Mike is…very annoying. Perhaps even more annoying than McCarthy.

In his intro scene, he’s actually not bad. Claire’s late for her new job and the boss is grilling her. But then Mike leaps to the rescue and essentially covers for Claire and she’s let off the hook. I’m thinking, “alright. We gpt a half-decent character in this movie. There’s hope.” And then the boss walks away and the character quickly joins the ranks of annoying characters. He immediately starts flirting with Claire in a not charming, mostly awkward kind of way. Claire finds his behavior cute, of course, but any other woman out there would be waving him off like he was mosquito. Mike either maintains this level of mediocre humor, or just fades into the background and being completely forgettable.

The rest of the supporting characters don’t help either. Michelle essentially starts up her girl-scout brownie group and comes in contact with Rachel’s former girl-scout troop. We already know that Michelle and one of the other troop’s hard-assed mothers hates Michelle. Rather brazzenly, this prompts a full on fight sequence betweem Michelle and the mother, as well as all the girls in their respective scout troops. Maybe if the rivalry was a little more developed between the girls themselves, this fight could have been funny, but there’s no reason for the animosity between them; just Michelle and that one mom. So it’s essentially an over-blown fight scene for the sake of having one.

About the only good thing about the movie is Dinklage. Total shocker, right?

But no, I thought he was genuinely funny. His character, Renault, used to be romantically linked to Michelle, but got screwed over for a promotion at the job they both worked at. Since then, the two have become business rivals and, for some odd fuck reason, adopts the mentality of a samurai. I don’t care about the reasons why, I’m just laughing at his constant thousand-yard, wide-eyed menacing glares. For some reason, despite being in some noticably bad movies as of late, he’s always the best part of them. I mean, like everyone else, he’s not exactly given anything funny to say, but his body language, his mannerisms, they all just come off as funny to me.

Unfortunately, there’s not much else to this flick, and Dinklage saves it from being a total train-wreck, but it’s still not very funny. If you’re a fan of the same old movie tropes with McCarthy, maybe you’ll like it fine. As for me, I’ve seen this once, and once is more than enough.

My honest ratimg: 2/5

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