What was this movie supposed to be the successor to? DAZED AND CONFUSED? Eh, I forget. Either way, I never saw the movie that this was supposed to be like. I also didn’t think this would be very good. But the 80s does kind of tug at me as far as the goofy aesthetic appeal, and the music of course. Who knows? Maybe this would have been a stupid, but enjoyable movie. Well that’s how I went in, so how did it hold up?

This is my honest opinion of: EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!


The story follows freshman college baseball player, Jake (Blake Jenner). Immediately, his frat house shows him that this is a place of territory and ball-busting. But he isn’t without some guidance and help navigating the “complexities” of their testosterone dominated ways. Ultimately, Jake gets caught up in the shenanigans of his wild and crazy teammates before school officially starts and baseball season begins.


Well, I sure didn’t hate it. But… I feel like I’ve seen enough “college idiots doing college idiot things” type movies. Granted, I’m not sure if I’ve seen one that hammered in philosophies like this did, but…yeah, to me, it’s a little too similar to AMERICAN PIE.

Here’s how I see it. Both are basically college comedy films. AMERICAN PIE is, “BOOZE, DRUGS, BOOBS!!!” And throw in some gross-out “humor.” This film differs only in the sense of, “booze, drugs, boobs” with a brain. See what I’m doing here? One feels like a satire of college life, whereas the other feels like a misrepresentation. I don’t know many stoners who act like that who are that aware of how the world works. They talk a bunch of nonsense that sounds deep, but it’s mostly bullshit. Not saying that there aren’t smart people out there who just happen to smoke pot, but when you think a stereotypical pothead, heartfelt and meaningful philosophies aren’t what you will typically hear out of their mouths. Maybe they’re likable people with good hearts, but “smart” isn’t among those adjectives and adverbs. Once again, I am only referring to the stereotypical potheads portrayed in this movie, not to everyone in real life who uses pot.

Perhaps this movie is akin to me trying to review a documentary in the sense that my brain isn’t calibrated to understand what this movie is going for. To me, it’s like listening to a suave and charming guy standing next to giant boulder, spinning a tale of how he got it there from the bottom of a hill. His story sure is entertaining, even funny at times, but the bullshit is practically flashing neon lights. You’re selling something, you’re selling it well, but I’m not buying it. I just can’t take characters like this seriously. They seem like contradictions in of themselves.

But, once again, I would be remiss if I said I hated this movie. I didn’t. I enjoyed myself quite a bit. The acting is top notch, believable, and even over the top hilarious. I do believe the comradery and the rivalry. Maybe these roles aren’t hard to play, but if you’re going to do it, might as well do it right and these actors nail it.

I do find it a bit weird though that Zoey Deutch has top billing on almost every poster and list of credits out there considering she makes a brief appearance somewhere in the first ten, fifteen minutes of the movie and doesn’t make another until maybe the last third. But whatever, she does a good job with the given role.

Regrettably, this might be the shortest review I’ve ever written. I sincerely hope that it’s because I simply don’t know what else to say about this one, or if I’m just fatigued from all the reviews I’ve had to write this week. In any case, I kind of liked this movie for what it was, I suppose. Maybe not so much what it was trying to be, but if you’re a fan of these sort of college comedies, then you might enjoy it. I’ve only seen it once, and I’m probably not going to see it again. Not bad in the slightest, just not my cup of tea.

My honest rating for EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!: a strong 3/5

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