Awwwww!! Cute wittle kitty!!

And that’s pretty much what I thought this movie was banking on. The cuteness of the kitten, but the humor seemed pretty hit and miss. It was hard to say for sure, but I was open minded enough.

Big shock to some of you, but I’m not familiar with Key and Peele. Jeez, I need to explore the internet once in awhile that isn’t porn-related, shouldn’t I? Okay, I’ve seen Keegan-Michael Key in some movies, but none of his sketches that he does with Jordan Peele. You know, the stuff that made them famous/popular in the first place. In fact, I didn’t even know they were a thing until someone asked me a couple days ago if I was familiar. So while I was definitely going to be one of the many people who wanted to see their new movie, I wasn’t sure what to expect, comedy-wise. But with a couple of recommendations from the internet, I found myself going in with moderately high expectations.

This is my honest opinion of: KEANU


Keanu is an adorable kitten that once belonged to a drug lord. But this same drug lord was murdered by the Allentown Brothers, a pair of ruthless murderers, and Keanu ended up on the streets. Elsewhere, Rell (Jordan Peele) is depressed after he broke up with his girlfriend, despite the best efforts of his cousin Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) to cheer him up. But fate decided that Keanu would pay Rell a visit at his home and Rell immediately fell in love with the kitten. Having grown attached, Rell and Clarence go out for a night on the town. When they come back to Rell’s place, it’s been broken into and Keanu’s missing. The reason they soon discover is that the wrong house was broken into: the thieves were looking for drugs… drugs that happen to belong to Rell’s next door neighbor/weed supplier Hulka (Will Forte), who tells them that Keanu now belongs to a gang leader named Cheddar (Method Man). Posing as the Allentown Brothers, they infiltrate Cheddar’s place of business and get mixed up in his activities, all in the name of rescuing Keanu.


Well this was a surprise. Here I was thinking that the movie would be okay. Turns out, it’s fuckin’ hilarious.

Hell, the opening sequence was about as bad-ass as a comedy could ever belt out. You’ve got people doing flips off of walls, the slaughtering of drug dealers, a cute kitten running for his life under the heels of scrambling resistance, all of it in slow motion, while an epic choir is singing in the background. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

Beyond that though, the bread and butter of this movie is, no duh, the comedy. Which is absolutely perfect. Key has always been a fun addition to any movie he’s been a part of, even if the movie itself is bad. For whatever reason, when straight-edge characters like this, wholesome family men have to act like burly, hardened bad-asses. I mean, it’s obvious that they’re acting, but it’s just so funny to see how effectively they’re fooling these drug dealers. Oh and giving themselves the nicknames “Tectonic” and “Shark Tank” is just icing on a delicious cake.

Both Key and Peele seem like they understand how comedy works. The thing that’s been made aware to me that I’m starting to notice more and more as I watch this genre is that comedy is based on some form of misery. Rell and Clarence are definitely miserable being surrounded by seasoned killers. But their reactions to anything life-threatening is so over-the-top but understandable that I can’t imagine anyone could simply not enjoy it.

A particularly hilarious running gag is how Clarence in particular tries to bond with some of Cheddar’s henchmen. You probably recognize the gag from the trailer when they’re in the SUV and one of the henchmen turns on music and it’s George Michael. Obviously, not exactly the kind of music you’d think a stone-cold killer would listen to, but when Clarence is making up an elaborate story about how George Michael is black and how relatable his music is, it’s probably one of the most standout moments to hear these guys singing to the music later on.

Oh my god and Anna Faris is in this… as herself. No, you don’t know how funny this is. She plays a coked up bitch who acts sadistic and treats her companions like shit. There’s even a bit where she pulls out a sword and starts a fight. It’s about as hilarious as it sounds.

Awe man, I wish I knew what else to say about it. It’s just a great big heap of fun and I think if you were even the slightest bit curious about whether or not it’s any good, it is. If you’re a fan of Key and Peele, then I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for and then some. Personally, I am very open to seeing this a second time. Soon as I find the time, I just might do that.

And yes, that kitten is the most adorable thing ever.

My honest rating for KEANU: 5/5


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