So, just a heads up. This specific review was originally written at a time when I didn’t count on falling behind on reviews, so my solution was to cram them into a single post. However, I hated the way they turned out, so now I’m putting them into their own reviews. In short, this review is going to be crazy short. With that said, let’s carry on.

Cast: Mark Wahlberg (INSTANT FAMILY [2018], MONEY/WORLD [2017], DEEPWATER HORIZON [2016], TED 2 [2015], and the upcoming WONDERLAND [2019]), Kevin Bacon (THE DARKNESS [2016], BLACK MASS [2015], and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS [2011]), John Goodman (VALERIAN [2017], 10 CLOVERFIELD [2016], PARANORMAN [2012], PRINCESS/FROG [2009], and the upcoming CAPTIVE STATE [2019]), J.K. Simmons (FRONT RUNNER [2018], JUSTICE LEAGUE [2017], ZOOTOPIA [2016], TERMINATOR GENISYS [2015], and upcoming films LIFE SUPPORT [2019] and 17 BRIDGES [2019]), and Melissa Benoist (SUPERGIRL [2015 – ongoing])

Director/Co-Writer is Peter Berg (DEEPWATER HORIZON)
Co-Writers: Matt Cook (TRIPLE 9 [2016]) and Joshua Zetumer (ROBOCOP [2014])
Co-composers: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (GONE GIRL [2014] and THE SOCIAL NETWORK [2010])
Cinematography by Tobias A. Schliessler (MR. HOLMES [2015])
Editor: Gabriel Fleming (BLINDSPOTTING [2018], DEEPWATER, and the upcoming ANGEL HAS FALLEN [2019]) and Colby Parker Jr. (MILES 22 [2018], DEEPWATER, ANT-MAN [2015], and THE KINGDOM [2007])

This is my honest opinion of: PATRIOTS DAY



Arguably one of the most emotional films I’ve seen all year. Retelling the events of the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist attack, it’s important to get a story like this right and the makers of LONE SURVIVOR (2013) and have done a perfect job. This story will reignite your hatred of terrorism, but still make you proud to be an American, and your heart will once again go out to those that didn’t survive, and those that did everything in their power to do what they needed to bring justice. Bring a box of tissues because by the end of this film, there wasn’t a single person that wasn’t sniffling. Once again, I can’t give a rating, it’s too powerful and too fresh an event to call “good” or “bad.” But you are doing yourself a disservice by not seeing it, that much I promise.

My honest rating for PATRIOTS DAY: a must see


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