So, just a heads up. This specific review was originally written at a time when I didn’t count on falling behind on reviews, so my solution was to cram them into a single post. However, I hated the way they turned out, so now I’m putting them into their own reviews. In short, this review is going to be crazy short. With that said, let’s carry on.

Cast: Dax Shephard (THE BOSS [2016]), Michael Peña (THE MULE [2018], MY LITTLE PONY [2017], COLLATERAL BEAUTY [2016], and MARTIAN [2015]), Vincent D’Onofrio (DEATH WISH [2018], RINGS [2017], MAGNIFICENT 7 [2016], JURASSIC WORLD [2015], SINISTER [2012], MEN IN BLACK [1997], and the upcoming THE KID [2019]), Rosa Salazar (Maze Runners SCORCHED [2015] and DEATH CURE [2018], and the upcoming ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL [2019]), Richard T. Jones (QUESTION/FAITH [2017], CONCUSSION [2015], and GODZILLA [2014])

Director/Writer: Dax Shepard (HIT AND RUN [2012], BROTHER’S JUSTICE [2009], and slated to write and direct the reboot SCOOBY-DOO [2019])
Composer: Fil Eisler (HOW TO BE SINGLE [2016])
Cinematographer: Mitchell Amundsen (RIDE ALONG 2 [2016])

This is my honest opinion of: CHIPS



Jon (Dax Shepard) is a former motocross athlete who wants to be a cop to impress his girlfriend who has been distant since his injury. Frank (Michael Peña) is an FBI agent who has to go under cover to root out dirty cops. The two of them end up partnered and don’t get along, but have to learn to work together to get the bad guys.


Ugh! It’s so bad!

I never saw the original show, so I can’t make comparisons, but taking a wild fucking guess here, it’s nothing like this movie. This movie is obsessed with jokes about rim-jobs, masturbation, and objectifying women left and right. What part of this R-rated comedy was for adults, when it’s laced in juvenile humor? That’s literally all this movie is and I usually really like Peña as an actor. He’s done great work in both comedic and dramatic roles, but this was soul-crushing. Shepard is popular on TV enough, but man, his film roles have rarely been good. He can direct well enough, I give him credit in that, but he cannot write worth a damn. He doesn’t tell good jokes, nor does he write good characters. Actually, I take that back, he can write good characters. I can look at what’s been presented and I can see what he was going for, but he never once made me legitimately care for any of them, least of all Peña’s character. I suppose the only fun thing about the movie is Vincent D’Onofrio as the villain, who is so over-the-top evil that it’s pretty enjoyable. Maybe one or two jokes work, but they’re so far inbetween that watching this movie was a chore.

My honest rating for CHIPS: 2/5


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