So, just a heads up. This specific review was originally written at a time when I didn’t count on falling behind on reviews, so my solution was to cram them into a single post. However, I hated the way they turned out, so now I’m putting them into their own reviews. In short, this review is going to be crazy short. With that said, let’s carry on.

Cast: Miles Bakshi (stuff I’ve either never seen or heard of), Alec Baldwin (Mission: Impossible ROGUE NATION [2015] and FALLOUT [2018], PARIS CAN WAIT [2017], and upcoming films BEFORE YOU KNOW IT [2019] and ARCTIC JUSTICE [2019]), Steve Buscemi (NANCY [2018], HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA [2012] and 2 [2015], NORMAN [2017], and the upcoming THE DEAD DON’T DIE [2019]), Lisa Kudrow (TABLE 19 [2017], GIRL/TRAIN [2016], and the upcoming BOOKSMART [2019]), and Tobey Maguire (PAWN SACRIFICE [2015])

Directed by Tom McGrath (MEGAMIND [2010], all three Madagascar films, and TV show KABLAM!)
Written by Michael McCullers (MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN [2014], BABY MAMA [2008], and all three Austin Powers films)
Co-composed by Steve Mazzaro (BULLET TO THE HEAD [2012] and THE SEANCE) and Hans Zimmer (HIDDEN FIGURES [2016])

This is my honest opinion of: THE BOSS BABY



Tim (voiced by Miles Christopher Bakshi) is a kid with an overactive imagination. But that suited him and his parents just fine, as they would always have fun and play games. But before long, he’s saddled with a baby brother (voiced by Alex Baldwin) that he didn’t want. But there’s something unusual about his new baby brother, apart from that he wears a business suit and is a little too aware of his surroundings. Turns out, after some squabbling of their parts, the baby is fully self-aware and is sent by his all-baby company. See, puppies are getting more love than babies, and the babies know that a specific company is about to unleash a puppy that stays a puppy forever, making baby cuteness obsolete, and it’s the boss baby’s job to stop it, but only with Tim’s help and then he’ll go back to being an only child, and the boss baby will get a promotion and all its perks.


Well, if you wanted this to be called a Baby Geniuses movie, I’d wager it’s the best one. But that doesn’t make it good… at all.

First off, am I the only one who thought of this as a Baby Geniuses movie? Oh well. Putting the obvious joke aside, I think the humor is too juvenile. I know kids like their fart and poop jokes. I know this is pretty standard in non-Pixar and Disney films, but… seriously, are writers so lazy that they can’t come up with better jokes? And especially since there’s a joke about a kid drinking alcohol. Eh, to put it into perspective, it’s not that bad. The joke is basically the Tim takes a sip of a long island iced tea, immediately spits it out and comments, “People from long island do not know how to make an iced tea.” I would have thrown my hands up in the air in frustration if Tim got straight up drunk, but the joke didn’t go that far, but still… really? No other jokes to be made? There’s a lot of other gross-out humor as well, and some jokes that are forced. Even some don’t make sense, even in the world they’ve created. I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to take everything here very literal, but if you try to follow that logic, the movie only becomes more confusing. Maybe it’s a case of thinking too much about it, but it sets itself up to be that way. I’d be lying if I said the voice acting wasn’t good, it actually can be, and Backshi and Baldwin’s energy salvages some of the movie, but I think there’s better movies to show kids. I doubt adults will get much out of it.

My honest rating for THE BOSS BABY: a weak 3/5


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