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Maybe it’s just me, but this looks an awful lot like the Polish version of AMERICAN HONEY (2016), and that isn’t a good comparison to make. I mean, that’s really all I’m getting out of the trailer. Life through the eyes of youth and self-discovery and oh my god. Why does every artsie director, domestic or foreign, need to make one of these stories? Trust me, I may be twenty-eight years old, but I know the party scene for our youth culture is pretty repetitive. But fine, at least I can get a break from the American scene and hopefully get some Polish culture instead. That’d be refreshing for a change.

And I’m looking at the cast list on IMDb… I’m not entirely sure what genre the story is. The actors’ names are the same as their characters’, so… is this a documentary? All I’m seeing is that it’s a drama. So… what, it’s just a fictional story but the filmmakers decided to just not bother with fictitious names? Well… avant-garde, I guess! I don’t even know why this bugs me so much. It’s not like this sort of thing hasn’t happened before. THIS IS THE END (2013) did this, but it was a fantasy and play on themselves. Eh, whatever, all that matters is a good story. So let’s keep it in perspective.

It’s a Polish film, so so per usual with foreign films, there’s not much point in me listing off the cast and crew as I wouldn’t be familiar with any of their work.



The story follows Krzysztof (as himself), a young man living it up in the nightlife of Warsaw, Poland, experiencing friendship, romance, and questioning and learning about life.


I wish I had a more detailed summary of what this movie is about, but what you read up there is literally all this movie is: a young man who thinks he knows a thing or two about life, but really is just prattling on about nothing.

I know this is supposed be like an experimental film. It’s not supposed to have a traditional story structure, three acts, conflict and resolution, it’s just supposed to be a little slice of life as seen through the eyes of the youth. That’s always potentially interesting, but it’s not interesting here. What do you really get for an hour and forty minutes? Just a dip-shit kid acting like a dip-shit kid. He kicks over police barricades, he climbs on the hoods of cop cars, goes to parties, smokes incessantly and does drugs, all the while rambling about life. Do we at least get a sense of youth-culture in Poland? No. Or if that’s what passes for “youth-culture,” then it seems pretty repetitive to me. I can see American movies that show off this kind of passing of the time and get the same obnoxious and boring experiences.

And that’s the biggest problem with the film: it’s boring. Nothing happens. Nothing is addressed and nothing is explored. There’s no conflict in this movie that lasts more than five minutes, nor is there a resolution that is ever seen for those conflicts, which ultimately go nowhere and has no impact on our main character. So if nothing bothers the character, why should the audience be invested in anything that he does? I distinctly remember a moment when I got up to go to the bathroom, leaving a scene that showed Krzysztof talking to some blond chick as they snorted coke and this middle-aged dude was braiding his hair with a another girl’s. I swear, I was gone for like two minutes. By the time I got back, Krzysztof was in his room with a brand spanking new chick that was never previously introduced and never seen again after that scene. I clearly missed something, but I didn’t care.

This slog made this hour and forty minute movie feel like three hours. I’m pretty sure I was ready for the credits to roll less than an hour into the film. It was that boring. I’m sure this movie has an audience somewhere out there and if you like these types of films that break the mold and do something outside of the conventional and traditional, then I’d bet you that you’ll enjoy this movie just fine. But as for me, this really wasn’t my cup of tea. It was a Polish mix of AMERICAN HONEY and a Terrence Malick film, and that’s not a good thing. It’s hard to be too mad at it because I did go in thinking it’d be a pretentious, boring film and that’s exactly what I got. I’d be a lot more mad at the movie if my expired parking meter resulted in a ticket, which didn’t happen, so all I got out of this was wasted time that I figured I was going to waste.



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