Oh no…

This movie has not had a single trailer released in theaters. I literally have no idea what this movie is. I found out about it just a few hours ago. As I speak, I’m writing my initial impressions in the theater while the trailers are playing. All I know is that it’s about a group of people trapped in one of the towers, specifically an elevator and try to escape before it collapses. Considering that it has a 3.2/10 on IMDb (as of 9/11/2017), I am expecting something pretty tasteless or inaccurate.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have Charlie Sheen (SCARY MOVIE 3 [2003] and PLATOON [1986]), Gina Gershon (P.S. I LOVE YOU [2007] and FACE/OFF [1997]), Luis Guzmán (KEANU [2016]), Wood Harris (CREED [2015]), and Olga Fonda (12 episodes of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES [2009 – 2017]).

In support, we have Whoopi Goldberg (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES [2014] and RAT RACE [2001]), Jacqueline Bisset (DOMINO [2005]),  and Prestyn Bates.

Now for the crew. Directing and co-writing Martin Guigui, known for a bunch of unknown projects. Co-writing is Steve James Golebiowski, known for unknown stuff. Composing the score is Jeff Toyne, known for unknown stuff. Finally, the cinematographer is Massimo Zeri, known for unknown projects.

Overall… what do you think? I’m not looking forward to it. Hell, half the reason I even gave this movie the time of day was to test out my MoviePass card.

This is my honest opinion of: 9/11


The story follows five people trapped in an elevator in one of the Twin Towers just as the planes strike and desperately try to escape before the tower collapses.


This is arguably one of the most tasteless films I’ve seen this year. Oh my god, the more I think about this movie, the dirtier I feel.

I’m probably going to keep this short, but the reason why I hate this movie so much is that it uses this day in history, a day that not only affected every American, directly or indirectly, but also the entire world, where nearly 3,000 people lost their lives, over 6,000 were injured, and this movie’s primary focus is on something that it should never have focused on: a divorce case, a dad missing his daughter’s birthday, a hot chick leaving her sugar daddy, and a dude who didn’t take his wife to Hawaii. These characters are so bland, so uninteresting, and to make them the highlight of the film and to push the events of 9/11 into the background… who was this movie made for? Who even made this?! Who thought this would be a good idea?! Is the play any better?! I honestly don’t even care if my questions are answered because this pile of garbage… it’s amazing what this movie got away with. The acting is horrible, as I never got a sense of fear from these people that they were in the eye of the storm of a terrorist attack; just trapped in an elevator. So by extension, piss poor direction

Oh, but pouring sprinkles on this shit-flavored cake, the movie ends with, “Dedicated to the victims and the first responders. Never forget.” Wasn’t planning to, movie, but you did a fairly decent job of not caring about the very people you dedicated your movie to. Need I say more? Don’t see this movie. If you can’t find it, then stop looking for it. I found it in one of the lesser movie theaters near me, so I think that’s a good sign. Don’t even rent it. Remember 9/11, but don’t remember this movie.

My honest rating for 9/11: 1/5


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