These “transfer” reviews are from when I only did reviews on my Facebook page back in 2015. Bare in mind when reading these, I didn’t have the same formula in my review writing that I do now, and my usual “who starred and who directed” information is completely absent, so everything “italicized” is new. With that said, enjoy this review from 2015.

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A little late to this now-franchise, probably because I wasn’t particularly interested in it. I gathered it was supposed to be about a bunch of female singers trying to win a competition. Felt like I could have guessed the story and therefore making it pointless to ever really watch it. However, this movie’s sequel is both constantly playing to large crowds in the movie theatre I work in and it has surpassed MAD MAX at the box office, I find myself now curious as to why that is. Obviously, I couldn’t just go and watch PITCH PERFECT 2 without seeing the movie that started it all, so I’m starting there. Seeing how it has a 7.3/10 on and a 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, it seemed promising.

Starring: Anna Kendrick (TABLE 19 [2017], PARANORMAN [2012], and upcoming films PITCH PERFECT 3 [2017] and NICOLE [2019]), Anna Camp (CAFÉ SOCIETY [2016], PITCH PERFECT 2 [2015], and the upcoming PITCH PERFECT 3), Rebel Wilson (ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS: THE MOVIE [2016], and the upcoming PITCH PERFECT 3), Brittany Snow (PITCH PERFECT 2, and the upcoming PITCH PERFECT 3), and Alexis Knapp (PITCH PERFECT 2, and the upcoming PITCH PERFECT 3).

Support: Elizabeth Banks (POWER RANGERS [2017], SHAFT [2000], and upcoming films PITCH PERFECT 3 and THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS [2018]), John Michael Higgins (ALMOST CHRISTMAS [2016], and the upcoming PITCH PERFECT 3), Skylar Astin (PITCH PERFECT 2 and WRECK-IT RALPH [2012]), Adam Devine (LEGO BATMAN [2017], MIKE AND DAVE [2016], and PITCH PERFECT 2), John Benjamin Hickey (TALLULAH [2016]).

Director: Jason Moore (SISTERS [2015])
Writer: Kay Cannon (PITCH PERFECT 2)
Composers: Mark Kilian (EYE IN THE SKY [2016]) and Christophe Beck (TROLLS [2016], and upcoming films ANT-MAN AND THE WASP [2018] and HOLMES & WATSON [2018])
Cinematographer: Julio Macat (MIDDLE SCHOOL [2016], and upcoming film LIFE OF THE PARTY [2018])

Y’all know the drill, story first, review below.


The story follows Beca (Anna Kendrick), who is an aspiring music producer, but is currently in Barden University, a college she doesn’t really care about and is more into her job working at the local radio station. Before long, she is persuaded to join the Barden Bellas, an all-female a cappella group whom is currently the laughing stock at school after a humiliating loss in a competition involving the teams leader Aubrey (Anna Camp), who involuntarily vomited on stage. The team was broken up and now Aubrey and her closest friend and teammate Chloe (Brittany Snow) must get a new team together in time for the next competition. Beca doesn’t buy in at first, but Chloe eventually does convince her to join, along with many other girls.


Honestly, most of how I feel about this movie can be summed up by the opening sequence. Aubrey’s quite visible and grotesque vomit scene already had me hating this movie. Didn’t take long, did it? In fact, from that point on, I got on my laptop, pulled up a Word document, and started keeping score: pros and cons.

Lets start with the cons. The vomit scene. Yes, its graphic and unnecessary… in no way is it funny. Started me off on one of the worst possible notes a movie can (no pun intended). In fact, the movie isn’t all that funny period. All of the jokes are predictable, or fall flat… and some fall REALLY flat. Aubrey – “I can see your toner through those jeans!” Beca – “That’s my dick!” … Er, good come-back? And all the jokes are like that: awkward! I also can’t wait another minute to point this out, what in the name of Mozart’s dick-hole is up with Aubrey?! I get that she screwed over the Bellas in the competition and wants to redeem herself, but she maintains a disgusting unlikability throughout this movie. All she does is nag, control, demand, there is absolutely no redeeming value in her character at all. Why is she taking out her failure on her teammates? Even Chloe, who is her best friend? Why do the Bellas even go along with Aubrey when she’s being particularly cruel? What about her makes the Bellas follow her lead? Why is Beca, literally, the only one who frequently stands up to her and NO ONE else until MUCH later? I wish there was a plot-point where the Bellas unite and threaten to kick Aubrey out of the Bellas if she doesn’t cool her fucking jets and just listen to her teammates and try out their ideas to be better. Clearly their repeated routine isn’t a heavy-hitter, so why not listen to Beca and up the ante with something new? Nope, just be a bitch to her and everyone else. That’s clearly working for you. Not to mention, the vomit thing is done TWICE in this movie. FUCKING TWICE!!! AND THE SECOND TIME WAS ON PURPOSE!!! And speaking of unlikable characters, Beca herself. For a majority of the movie, I actually didn’t have a problem with her. Kendrick’s performance was believable and honest, and I even found myself feeling her frustration every time Aubrey got abrasive toward her. In fact, some of the best scenes Beca involve her and Jesse. But as soon as she gets in trouble and he does the responsible thing in calling her dad to bail her out of jail for accidentally damaging school property, she gets mad… almost instantaneously. Like, really mad. I had to rewind the movie and figure out why that was. Even with the context that clarifies this, it’s still incredibly sudden and melodramatic. Sure, she later realizes that she was a bitch to Jesse, but she doesn’t really grow as a person, so when she apologizes to Jesse later, he’s smart and doesn’t forgive her. I found myself overjoyed at that. What, you watched a movie he likes and now you see how much of a cunt you were to a guy who was genuinely sweet and caring toward you and that’s supposed ot make everything okay?! No, Beca. No. And she doesn’t really do much to earn my respect later. Sure, she brings the Bellas up to their best by incorporating her ideas into the groups final performance, but she doesn’t do anything to make up for how she treated Jesse… which their relationship gets patched up WAY too quickly for my taste.

Now it’s time to talk about the few things I did enjoy. First, Rebel Wilson. Second… REBEL FUCKING WILSON!!! The only funny jokes ever uttered come out of her. The only time I ever laughed during this movie was when Fat Amy was talking. Though I have to ask if she was really funny, or if she’s just making self-aware fat jokes that would just be cruel if someone else was saying them. I don’t know, but I’m taking a win here. And I have to admit, when the movie isn’t purposely making the Bellas bad performers, the a cappella is actually entertaining… like, REALLY entertaining. I was losing myself to the performances and they were terrific. And like I said above, pre-fight between Beca and Jesse, the scenes they share together are cute, charming, and the two have great chemistry. Hell, in my opinion, Jesse is the only well-written character. Too bad the story wasn’t about him, or else I might have enjoyed this movie a lot more. And, of course, Beca’s audition into the Bellas, that scene was incredibly engaging and really showcases Kendrick’s talent. I was hooked to her character from that alone. Truly awesome.

Despite Wilson and Kendrick’s performances, especially Wilson’s, and the genuinely sweet scenes involving Jesse and Beca, the film just doesn’t hold up. Audrey is fucking annoying and frustrating, the vomiting is gross and seriously needs to fucking stop, this movie is just melodrama up the ass later on. The a cappella is truly captivating, but beyond that, this story is beyond frustrating and I now shudder at how the sequel is. But that’s for later. I need to lay down and try to forget this movie.

My honest rating for PITCH PERFECT: 2/5


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