These “transfer” reviews are from when I only did reviews on my Facebook page back in 2015. Bare in mind when reading these, I didn’t have the same formula in my review writing that I do now, and my usual “who starred and who directed” information is completely absent, so everything “italicized” is new. With that said, enjoy this review from 2015.

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After seeing the first one yesterday and incapable of avoiding its sequel at work, I had to make the time to see how this movie surpassed MAD MAX: FURY ROAD at the box office. I was not a fan of the first one by any stretch, so I wasn’t having high expectations for this one either. But, for business reasons, I had to. Bit the bullet, went to the Arclight in Sherman Oaks, bought that ticket, and sat my ass down.

Starring: Anna Kendrick (THE ACCOUNTANT [2016], END OF WATCH [2012], UP IN THE AIR [2009], and upcoming films PITCH PERFECT 3 [2017] and TROLLS 2 [2020]), Rebel Wilson (HOW TO BE SINGLE [2016], ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT [2012], BACHELORETTE [2012], and the upcoming PITCH PERFECT 3), Hailee Steinfeld (THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN [2017], ENDER’S GAME [2013], TRUE GRIT [2010], and upcoming films PITCH PERFECT 3 and BUMBLEBEE [2018]), Brittany Snow (HAIRSPRAY [2007], JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE [2006], 3 episodes of TV show CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND [2015 – 2018], and the upcoming PITCH PERFECT 3), and Alexis Knapp (SO UNDERCOVER [2012], COUPLES RETREAT [2009], TV show GROUND FLOOR [2013 – 2015], and the upcoming PITCH PERFECT 3).

Support: Hana Mae Lee (JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS [2015], PITCH PERFECT [2012], 1 episode of TV show CALIFORNICATION [2007 – 2014], and the upcoming PITCH PERFECT 3), Brigitte Hjort Sørensen (AUTOMATA [2014], AT WORLD’S END [2009], and TV show VINYL [2016]), Skylar Astin (TAKING WOODSTOCK [2009], HAMLET 2 [2008], and TV show GROUND FLOOR [2013 – 2015]), Katey Sagal (BLEED FOR THIS [2016], and TV shows SONS OF ANARCHY [2008 – 2014], and FUTURAMA [1999 – 2013]), and Anna Camp (THE HELP [2011], TV shows UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT [2015 – ongoing] and THE MINDY PROJECT [2012 – ongoing], and upcoming film PITCH PERFECT 3).

Director: Elizabeth Banks (1 segment of MOVIE 43 [2013] and the upcoming CHARLIE’S ANGELS [2019]). Writer: Kay Cannon (6 episodes of GIRLBOSS [2017], 4 episodes of NEW GIRL [2011 – 2018], 12 episodes of 30 ROCK [2006 – 2013], and upcoming film PITCH PERFECT 3). Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh (BRAD’S STATUS [2017], ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE ROAD CHIP [2015], 22 JUMP STREET [2014], and upcoming films THOR: RAGNAROK [2017] and HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: SUMMER VACATION [2018]). Cinematographer: Jim Denault (BAD MOMS [2016], THE CAMPAIGN [2012], and BOYS DON’T CRY [1999]). 

This is my honest opinion of: PITCH PERFECT 2


Similar to the first movie, it opens on the Bellas who are about to perform for Barack Obama. However, the performance goes down the shitter when Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) has a wardrobe malfunction, tears her leotard between her legs, and accidentally shows the President her lady bits. This ridicules the Bellas once more and they are taken off of their victory tour of the same competition they’d won in the previous movie for the last three years. Their tour was instead given to a German a cappella group known as Das Sound Machine, whom are more than happy to have the spotlight on them.


Fun fact, Elizabeth Banks directed this one.

An improvement over the first, though not by much. The movie retains its, not-too-funny jokes, though admittedly is funnier than the first one, but surprisingly takes a few steps back.

Let me talk about the cons first. When Audrey was the annoying-as-fuck character in the previous movie, Chloe now takes the reigns in that department. I find this odd as she is one of the most level-headed and confident characters in the first movie, now she’s all whiney and obsessive. Beca even takes a turn for the worse as she becomes secretive about her job. Er… why? Why are you keeping your job a secret from your best friends again? Because, “Chloe’s got too much on her mind right now?” Okay, so why not the other Bellas? And even if you weren’t particularly close to Fat Amy or the others (which, bullshit, you are), why are you so concerned about Chloe’s opinion? How does your internship at this record label affect the Bellas in any way? Okay, she slips on providing the Bellas with beats or something, but this is a sub-plot that is BARELY touched upon and hardly affects the story in any meaningful way. Also, all of the new Bellas don’t seem to have a personality to them or contribute to the group in any way other than making the Bellas larger in number. This makes Flo (Chrissie Fit) a fairly useless addition and I only now realize that Stacie (Alexis Knapp), Jessica (Kelley Jakle), and Ashley (Shelley Regner), are even in the movie… and were indeed in the previous movie and I had no idea. As far as I’m concerned, they were the organic equivalent to a prop tree in the first one. With the exception of Emily, played by Hailee Steinfeld, who has had dreams of being a Bella due to her mother, who was also a Bella in college, but because of the defeat they suffered in the beginning of the movie, Emily sees only infighting and secrets. Her faith in what she’s longed for gets shaken as a result.

Now for the positives. Again, the movie isn’t as funny as certain reviews have made it out to be, but it still managed to get a few more laughs out of me than the first one did. Although most of the humorous lines aren’t made by Rebel Wilson this time around, but rather the announcing duo John and Gail, respectively played by John Michael Higgins and Elizabeth Banks. The a cappella itself continues to be impressive and captivating, as it damn well better or else this movie would have been truly pointless. Honestly, that’s kind of it. Although I have to give a shout out to whoever was ingenious enough to make Audrey a parody out of herself by being over-the-top and hilariously faithful to her original character, but at least now her nagging, demanding, and control-freak personality contributes to the Bellas’ development in a positive way.

Overall, this movie wasn’t nearly as bad and doesn’t feature graphic gross-out humor that immediately ruined the first movie for me. Thank fucking god for that. Performances from the actors are still honest and believable. A slight improvement on humor, but characters feel less faithful, less developed, and less bearable than they were in the first. Still not a fan, but yes, I do think it is better than the first.

My honest rating for PITCH PERFECT 2: 3/5


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