Ooo, a political thriller with Spielberg. That sounds like a boring movie about to be made interesting. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen that happen.

I can’t claim to fully understand what the story’s about. I guess it’s a thriller about papers that have gone missing that might expose corruption in the government. I haven’t the slightest idea, I’m just guessing.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have Tom Hanks (THE CIRCLE [2017], and the upcoming TOY STORY 4 [2019]) and Meryl Streep (FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS [2016], and upcoming films MAMMA MIA! HERE WE GO AGAIN [2018] and MARY POPPINS RETURNS [2018]).

In support, we have Sarah Paulson (REBEL IN THE RYE [2017], and upcoming OCEAN’S 8 [2018] and GLASS [2019]), Alison Brie (THE DISASTER ARTIST [2017] and THE LEGO MOVIE [2014]), Tracy Letts (LADY BIRD [2017], THE LOVERS [2017], and INDIGNATION [2016]), Bradley Whitford (MEGAN LEAVEY [2017], GET OUT [2017], CABIN IN THE WOODS [2012], and upcoming films THE LAST FULL MEASURE [2019] and DESTROYER [2018]), and Bruce Greenwood (KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE [2017]).

Now for the crew. Directing, we have Steven Spielberg, known for THE BFG (2016), INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (1989), and upcoming films READY PLAYER ONE (2018) and the untitled Indiana Jones sequel. Co-writing the screenplay are Liz Hannah (feature film debut) and Josh Singer (SPOTLIGHT [2015] and the upcoming FIRST MAN [2018]). Composing the score is John Williams, known for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI (2017), INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (2008), and upcoming films THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MORTARA (2018) and STAR WARS EPISODE IX (2019). The cinematographer is Janusz Kaminski, known for THE BFG, and upcoming films READY PLAYER ONE and THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MORTARA. Finally, co-editors are Sarah Broshar (stuff I’ve either never seen or heard of, and the upcoming HIGHER POWER [2018]) and Michael Kahn (THE BFG, and upcoming films READY PLAYER ONE and THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MORTARA).

Overall, not super excited, but a Spielberg production is always worth a viewing.

This is my honest opinion of: THE POST



Set in Washington D.C. circa 1971. The Washington Post, headed by Katherine Graham (Meryl Streep) and her trusted Chief Editor Ben (Tom Hanks) have just been made privy to secret government documents that were stolen, pertaining to the US involvement in Vietnam and its subsequent war. It’s believed that the Times got the documents first, but as it turns out, more of the papers from the documents made their way to the Post and becomes a moral and legal struggle to decide on publishing these documents to the public or not.


Oh man, am I just seeing these movies while being incredibly tired, or are a lot of these movies that I’m seeing lately really that boring? Yeah, you heard me right, I think this film is boring.

I hate to say it, but this film and ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD (2017) have almost the exact same problems. They have an interesting idea, but a boring execution. Great acting from great actors, but they play stale characters. A mixed bag. Hanks is his usual charming self playing Ben Bradlee, who wants to publish these documents, Streep gives a wonderful performance as Kay Graham, the determined Washington Post owner that some believe has no conviction, the talent is nothing short of good. But that’s sort of something we come to expect from actors with names this big. The trick is give them interesting characters, and that’s not what I feel like we get here. Well, here’s what I mean. The movie spends its entire time showing the characters that they want these documents and they want to publish them. We know the consequences of what happens if they do, and if they don’t. The stakes are there, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t think it needs to take so long to explain repercussions, or to get to the more dramatic elements as long as it did. I honestly don’t know if I can tell you much about Ben Bradlee’s character, or Ben Bagdikian (Bob Odinkirk), or really half of the star-studded cast. It’s almost like it’s too plot driven with not enough character development. Or maybe we can sidestep the characters and focus more on just what exactly these documents are and what exactly is in them, shining a brighter light on why these people from the Washington Post are so eager to get them onto their papers. All I really got out of it was, “the government was lying to the public” or “do you have any idea what they’ve done,” that type of shit. When it gets too generalized like that, there’s no connection for the audience to make, especially if you’re someone like me, who is uncultured swine and doesn’t pay much attention to anything prior to one’s own birth year. I don’t know what’s in these documents, I never paid attention in history class, and even though I’m not a politically charged individual, even I can tell you that the government lies to the people. So why is this specifically such shocking news and why should the common man know about it? I know, it’s supposed to be a compare and contrast between the Nixon administration and the current Trump admin, but that’s almost ripe for a parody, or satire, not full on drama.

Overall, it’s by no means a bad flick and if you’re interested, I can recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of the cast. I won’t argue anyone who says they like it, as I can definitely see why. But for my personal tastes, I was too bored by it. Great acting and a good idea only gets a story so far. My headline: it’s not bad, but it isn’t as interesting as I had hoped.

My honest rating for THE POST: 3/5


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