Is Tyler Perry seriously tackling a drama? Like… a revenge drama involving affairs and shit? You know what? That sounds pretty bat-shit, so count me in.

The story looks like it’s about a woman who recently went through a divorce from a husband that she invested so much time and energy in, doing everything she could to make him happy. But he eventually cheats on her and leaves her for another woman, which drives her to the point of insanity and starts to think that the live she has with him should be her life.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have Taraji P. Henson (PROUD MARY [2018], HIDDEN FIGURES [2016], THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON [2008], and upcoming films THE LIST [2018] and RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET: WRECK-IT RALPH 2 [2018]), Lyriq Bent (SAW IV [2007], SKINWALKERS [2006], and upcoming films NAPPILY EVER AFTER [2018] and ASTRONAUT [2018]), and Crystle Stewart (stuff I’ve never heard of). 

Now for the crew. Writing and directing is Tyler Perry, known for everything Madea, and the upcoming THE LIST. Composing the score is (oh, God, why???) Christopher Lennertz, known for PITCH PERFECT 3 (2017), BAD MOMS (2016), video game MASS EFFECT 3 (2012), and the upcoming Netflix show LOST IN SPACE (2018). The cinematographer is Richard J. Vialet, known for both Madea Halloween movies. Finally, the editor is Larry Sexton, also known for both Madea Halloween movies, but is slated for the upcoming A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL (2019).

Overall, this is either going to be a painful trainwreck, or a beautiful trainwreck. I’m hoping for the latter.

This is my honest opinion of: ACRIMONY



Told through flashback. Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) has recently gone through a divorce and has been harassing her ex and his fiancé. Forced to go therapy, she relays her story of how she met her ex-husband, Robert (Lyriq Bent), and how she poured everything she had, finances, family possessions, in hopes that Robert’s dreams would churn a major profit and give them a better life than they had.


I usually dread the idea of seeing anything having to do with Tyler Perry, but you know something, I had some fun with this flick.

The star if this show, obviously, is Henson. The amount of venom she spews in every scene she has with dialog, be it on camera or in voice-over, she is over the top in just how much Mel hates Robert. Quite honestly, she makes this movie and she makes it so much fun. This movie is pure descent into insanity. There’s even scenes where I swear to God, Mel has been slitting the throats of goats and drinking the blood right out of the neck and sacrificing virgins to Aztec gods, she’s so bat-shit. Oh, and the final payoff is so crazy that it’s hard not to be utterly entertained. Formulaic for movies like this, but a tad more enjoyable to watch.

There are definitely moments that lose me.

For a woman that is so mentally unhinged, Mel never really shows it unless things go south. If things are fine, she seems well-adjusted. That’s not really how a descent like this goes. She would show much more of her rage and anger, much more of her bottling those emotions in. Hell, she more or less seems nice when she’s young. Also, the set-up was a little confusing. The whole story is that Mel thinks that Robert was manipulating her for thirty years. So when the flashbacks start, there were two ways I thought this movie was going to go. The first is that what we were seeing in these flashbacks was the truth, but she’s crazily relaying stuff that simply isn’t true. Because we’re seeing a rather polite and courteous young Robert (Antonio Madison) talking to young Mel (Ajiona Alexus), offering her help on her homework and stuff. It’s like, he’ll say, “I got an A on this paper, maybe I could give you some pointers on how to make it better,” and then her voice-over will say, “See how he manipulated me?! How he twisted me up all inside and I didn’t even know it?!”

The other route I thought this was going to take was that Robert is being shown to be manipulative, but the audience isn’t supposed to take it literal. When Robert tells her that he lost his scholarship, we see him look down, but have that look that says, “I hope she’s taking pity on me and suggests to help me” kind of look, but that’s not what really happened. That’s just how she’s remembering it. That’s just her interpretation of the events. This is where I’m lost the most. So… is Robert manipulating her? Is he simply a loser who tries to mean well, but is willing to do whatever it takes to get his battery sold? What’s his real personality? Because once he gets his battery sold, he’s a completely generous dude who is taking the hits for his transgressions against her. But he was a nice guy who cheated on her when they were still school. There is inconsistency with Robert’s character.

Overall, I’d say that even though I have more negatives to say, it’s still fun because right when a problem starts to surface, my thoughts don’t have time to wrap around it because Henson starts narrating something that get’s me giggling. It certainly gets a little slow, as this movie is one big build-up to the climax, and it’s worth it, but I feel like a lot could have been shortened. As far as a recommendation is concerned, only see this if you’re in the mood for something that’s stupid, but goes balls-to-the-wall with it’s insanity. Don’t expect a good movie, but an entertaining one. Rental at best. This movie must have hated me because I wasn’t hurt; I was entertained.

My honest rating for ACRIMONY: 3/5

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