Technically, I saw this months ago at an early screening. I think for the most part, the effects were completed, but I look forward to seeing if I spot any changes.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have Lucy Hale (TV show BIONIC WOMAN [2007], and the upcoming DUDE [2018]), Tyler Posey (YOGA HOSERS [2016], and upcoming films TACO SHOP [2018] and DECOY [2018]), Violett Beane (TV show THE FLASH [2014 – ongoing]), and Sophia Ali (EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! [2016]). 

Now for the crew. Directing and co-writing is Jeff Wadlow, known for TRUE MEMOIRS OF AN INTERNATIONAL ASSASSIN (2016) and KICK-ASS 2 (2013). Co-writing the screenplay, making for a red flag total four writers, are Jillian Jacobs (debut; congrats, miss), Michael Reisz (a bunch of TV shows), and Christopher Roach (NON-STOP [2014]). Composing the score is Matthew Margeson, known for KINGSMAN 2 (2017), EDDIE THE EAGLE (2016), and KINGSMAN (2015). The cinematographer is Jacques Jouffret, known for all three Purge movies, and the upcoming MILE 22 (2018). Finally, the editor is Sean Albertson, known for BEYOND SKYLINE (2017), THE EXPENDABLES 3 (2014), and RAMBO (2008).

This is my honest opinion of: TRUTH OR DARE



Olivia (Lucy Hale) and her best friend Markie (Violett Beane) are on vacation with their friends in Mexico. While Markie is having the time of her life, Olivia is struggling to find fun. That is, until she meets Carter (Landon Liboiron), a handsome boy she meets at a party. He invites her, Markie, and the rest of her friends to a rundown church and begin a game of Truth or Dare. However, when it’s Carter’s turn, he says that the game is real, and if they don’t do the dares, or tell a lie, or refuse to play the game, they’ll die. Though no one believes him at first, they realize that something evil is controlling the game and forcing them to play as some begin to die off.


It’s as bad and boring as I remember.

To be fair, the idea isn’t awful and, at base value, seems like it could be a tongue in cheek Final Destination-type of flick; creative deaths and what have you. Unfortunately, they’re boring. One falls off a pool table and snaps his neck, another gets shot, another a snapped neck, it’s way too bland. It doesn’t help that this is also due to the PG-13 rating. So if the movie wasn’t going to try and go for creative deaths, then in its place, we need well-written characters that we don’t want to see die. Sadly, we don’t get that either. You have the pervert, the asshole, the drunk, the gay guy, the wild girl, the good girl, and the good guy. Their personalities extend as far as those titles. Even the characters with the most development feel generic and uninspired. The actors are certainly trying their hardest, but with paper thin material to chew on, it’s impossible for their acting to rise above how mundane their characters are. So no good violence, no good characters, this movie has next to nothing going for it.

Also… dare the demon to kill itself or dare it to stop playing the game. How come no one tries this at any point? Oh, I’m sure the movie would have come up with some kind of bullshit excuse to make it not work, but cover the bases so the stupidity isn’t so painfully obvious.

Overall, this movie is really bad. Is it insultingly bad? Not really. I wasn’t overly frustrated or angry with it. It had so little effort put into it that it’s not worth getting mad about. Dumb, pointless, and all the negative adjectives and adverbs you can attach to this movie. As a recommendation, no, I don’t recommend it. Safe your money, gas, and time.

My honest rating for TRUTH OR DARE: 2/5

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