MAXIMUM EFFORT!!! Oh man, if there’s a superhero movie out there that deserves its hype, it’s Deadpool.

I did happen to write a review on the first film, (DEADPOOL [2016]), so if you want my full opinion of the movie, you can check that out. The long and short is that I loved it. I thought it was hilarious on about every level. Me and the rest of the world, I wager. Everyone who worked on that project should be proud of themselves and God knows I’m more than excited for the sequel.

The story is actually a little mysterious when you think about it. All I can really gather from it is that it’s about Cable coming back in time for a kid for insert-unknown-reasons-here, but Deadpool gathers a super group to save that kid.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have Ryan Reynolds (THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD [2017], CRIMINAL [2016], SELF/LESS [2015], and upcoming films POKÉMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU [2019] and THE CROODS 2 [2020]), Josh Brolin (AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR [2018], ONLY THE BRAVE [2017], HAIL, CAESAR [2016], EVEREST [2015], and upcoming films SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO [2018] and AVENGERS: ENDGAME [2019]), Julian Dennison (HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE [2016]), Brianna Hildebrand (DEADPOOL), and Zazie Beetz (GEOSTORM [2017], and upcoming films SLICE [2018] and HIGH FLYING BIRD [2018]).

In support, we have the incredible Morena Baccarin (DEADPOOL, SPY [2015], and upcoming films ODE TO JOY [2018] and ELLIOT THE LITTLEST REINDEER [2018]), Leslie Uggams (DEADPOOL), the awesome Terry Crews (THE RIDICULOUS 6 [2015], and the upcoming SORRY TO BOTHER YOU [2018]), Bill Skarsgård (IT [2017], ALLEGIANT [2016], and upcoming films IT: CHAPTER TWO [2019] and VILLAINS [2019]), and T.J. Miller (READY PLAYER ONE [2018], THE EMOJI MOVIE [2017], OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY [2016], and upcoming films HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD [2019] and UNDERWATER [2019]).

Now for the crew. Directing, we have stuntman David Leitch, known for ATOMIC BLONDE (2017), JOHN WICK (2014), and the upcoming HOBBS AND SHAW (2019). Penning the screenplay, we have a… hmm… red flag (?) total of three writers: duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (both known for LIFE [2017], DEADPOOL, and ZOMBIELAND [2009]), and Ryan Reynolds, making his co-screenwriting debut; ’bout time, you Canadian adonis, you. Composing the score is Tyler Bates, known for ATOMIC BLONDE, JOHN WICK 2 (2017), THE BELKO EXPERIMENT (2017), and the upcoming THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME (2018). The cinematographer is Jonathan Sela, known for ATOMIC BLONDE and TRANSFORMERS 5 (2017). Finally, the three co-editors are Craig Alpert (PITCH PERFECT 3 [2017], POPSTAR [2016], PITCH PERFECT 2 [2015], RIDE ALONG [2014], and the upcoming THE VOYAGE OF DOCTOR DOLITTLE [2020]), Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir (ATOMIC BLONDE), and Dirk Westervelt (LOGAN [2017]).

Overall, expectations are high, expecting my expectations to get blown through the roof. I’m gonna love it, we’re all gonna love it. So let’s get to loving Deadpool together. You may interpret that sentence in any way you’d like. 

This is my honest opinion of: DEADPOOL 2



Wade Wilson aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is back, kicking ass wherever he goes, killing as many bad guys as he can. However, after certain events happen, he goes through a crisis of not knowing what his purpose is. Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) attempts to instate him within the X-Men, and even gets his first mission to stop a troubled mutant teenager named Russell (Julian Dennison). While it initially looks like that he’s going to succeed in calming the boy down, it’s revealed that one of orderlies in the institute he was trapped in may have hurt the kids inside more than necessary, causing Wade to kill that orderly, resulting in both him and Russell to be taken to a special mutant prison. Meanwhile, in the future, a metallic armed soldier named Cable (Josh Brolin) comes back in time with the intention of killing Russell to avenge the future deaths of his wife and daughter. Upon arrival, Deadpool is no match for the man and forms a team, called X-Force, to protect Russell from Cable’s fury.


Really liked it. I may not go so far as to say that lightning struck twice, but this is a worthy sequel to the original.

Man, where do I even start?

We can start with the opening gag. The music box… modeled after Logan impaled on the tree branch that spins around playing soothing music. Yes. Just… so much yes. You know, it really is such a shame that Fox won’t allow Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine in these movies. Well, if contractual bullshit keeps this duo from appearing together, then we might as well throw in a shit-load of Jackman/Wolverine related things in these movies to attempt to make up for it. Not that these cameos aren’t utilized well. In a lot of ways, this does set up the tone of the film. Deadpool does make comments that he dies at the end of the movie. Yes, you really got me there, movie. It’s not like there isn’t a true X-Force movie set to be released in… okay, there’s no release date, but IMDb does credit Reynolds in the film, so… BULLSHIT!!!

Still, it does present a pretty interesting idea: Deadpool is suicidal. I mean, this isn’t the first time that a “character who can’t die” has a case of this. Hell, it was tackled in not one, but two solo Wolverine movies, THE WOLVERINE (2013) and somewhat in LOGAN. Granted, it’s not exactly the most delved-into concept in this movie, as most of it is him getting by pretty well. But it is frequently touched upon and it does add a solid dramatic edge to the film that makes you really sympathize with him. And it helps that Reynolds is always giving a million percent to this performance. So whether he’s being funny or dramatic, it all works yet again.

But let’s talk about arguably one of the best and coolest additions to any superhero movie: Cable. Damn fuckin’ straight, Cable is awesome. He looks great, like a resistance fighter from the Terminator franchise… which, come to think of it, is probably neither the hardest design for a post-apocalyptic soldier, nor is it the most original to begin with, but he still looks awesome. And I love that glowing eye. But more than that, I love his technology. The big-ass rifle that can change it’s firepower level, his arm that generates a protective energy shield from bullets, again, none of this is new, but there’s something about its look that makes it really cool. And Brolin gives such a fun performance as the comic-foil, great chemistry between the two actors.

Other smaller positives include arguably the funniest and best James Bond-styled opening titles. And that Céline Dion trailer wasn’t just for kicks. That’s the song used and I won’t lie, I got chills. I also enjoyed the back and forth comedy between Deadpool and Domino. Their comedic timing is spot on and always generates a laugh out of me.

But what about any negatives? Did I have any in that regard? Eh… kinda. Nothing that hinders it too much.

One scene that really stood out for me was the first fight between Deadpool and Cable in the prison, ending in them tumbling down the snowy mountain. While the two characters are separated, I have to ask… why did both Deadpool and Cable not simply return to the prison for Russell? Especially Cable. The prison is in shambles, the guards and inmates are fighting, likely a ton of casualties, Cable is more than capable of handling the remaining guards, so why did he take the time to go all the way back to his hideout to restock when his target was literally five minutes away. It’s not like Russell was herded on the armored truck right away. I don’t recall him either losing his special rifle, or his arm getting seriously damaged. He’s just… in his hideout the next scene and I’m wondering what exactly stopped him from just… trying again.

Also, I feel like there was a few too many DC universe-related jabs, and most of them were a little too easy. While I did laugh at: “Who are you?!” and then Wade saying, “I’m Batman,” I feel like the other two jokes were a little too dull. He comments on the two moms with the names Martha, and that “So dark, are you sure you’re not from the DC universe?” just all seemed to compile into the least funny jokes in the movie. Not to mention the mustache-removal gag in one of the trailers. I don’t know, was anyone else kind of annoyed by this like me? Plus, it’s not like I haven’t heard these jokes on Facebook, so I kind of don’t get the narrow net that was cast for jokes.











Honestly, I really don’t like that Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) was killed off. Not that she doesn’t remain in the movie in a metaphysical sense, but I really would have liked to see this relationship keep going. I guess it’s not handled poorly, as it is the foundation of Deadpool’s depression and death wishes, but I wish this was a third movie death, not entirely how I felt about the Gwen Stacy death in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (2014). The death just felt too soon. But maybe that’s just me. Without her death, there wouldn’t be a basis for his inner conflict. But here’s still hoping that she comes back in the third one and it’s revealed that she was the physical manifestation of Death the whole time, like in the comics. A little Peruvian boy can dream, can’t he?


But if losing Vanessa meant that we’d get a beyond awesome Juggernaut, then I suppose that was a fair trade. I might say that it’s a pity that he had to be a CGI character, but similar to Colossus, there really wasn’t going to be a better way to present them. Neither make-up, nor a suit would look as cool or as good. Hell, his intro scene has him ripping Deadpool in half, leading to the most hilarious scene in the movie with him growing back his legs on Blind Al’s (Leslie Uggams) sofa. “Going full-on Winnie the Pooh.” By God, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.


But honestly, I don’t think Juggernaut did all that much in this movie. I mean, he looks great, imposing, exactly like the Juggernaut should look. But he’s arguably only in two scenes and doesn’t really do all that much. I mean, sure, the fight between him and Colossus was awesome, but again, only two scenes. At least in LAST STAND (2006) he’s charging through walls and showing how unstoppable he is when he gains momentum. Here, it’s just a brawl, and I feel like there was some pretty limited visual appeal in how much destruction he can cause. Hell, Russell causes more damage than Juggernaut. Where’s the fun in that?











There’s probably a whole lot more to say about this movie, but I’m kind of at a loss for words. Sure, I have a few nitpicks here and there, but this is truly a worthy sequel and it’s just as hilarious as the previous. The same passion is here, great humor, great acting, a whole lot of fun to be had. So if it isn’t obvious enough, yes, I highly recommend this. Chances are, though, if you are a fan of the previous flick, you don’t need my recommendation to see it. You already have, or already will, and for good reason. You’re not being catfished. It’s hilarious and awesome.

My honest rating for DEADPOOL 2: a strong 4/5

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