These “transfer” reviews are from when I only did reviews on my Facebook page back in 2015. Bare in mind when reading these, I didn’t have the same formula in my review writing that I do now, and my usual “who starred and who directed” information is completely absent, so everything “italicized” is new. With that said, enjoy this review from 2015.

Not gonna lie, this looked like it would be a decent movie when I first saw its announcement. Despite the gargantuan blunder that was FANT4STIC, I am a believer that Kate Mara CAN act, and she was co-staring with David Oyelowo from SELMA. This seemed like it would be a performance powerhouse. I wasn’t thinking it would be amazing on story (similar to how I viewed BLACK MASS), but at least Mara and Oyelowo would be good. Does it hold up?

Cast: Kate Mara (CHAPPAQUIDDICK [2018], MEGAN LEAVEY [2017], MORGAN [2016], and THE MARTIAN [2015]), David Oyelowo (GRINGO [2018], UNITED KINGDOM [2017], QUEEN OF KATWE [2016], and the upcoming CHAOS WALKING [2019]), Mimi Rogers (LOST IN SPACE [1998], AUSTIN POWERS [1997], and the upcoming AFFAIRS OF STATE [2018]), Michael Kenneth Williams (ASSASSIN’S CREED [2016], WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS [2016], TRIPLE 9 [2016], and upcoming films SUPERFLY [2018] and THE RED SEA DIVING RESORT [2019]), and Jessica Oyelowo (UNITED KINGDOM)

Director: Jerry Jameson (stuff I’ve never heard of or seen)
Writer: Brian Bird (THE CASE FOR CHRIST [2017]), and uncredited Reinhard Denke (the upcoming RADIANT [2019])
Composer: Lorne Balfe (PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING [2018], THE FLORIDA PROJECT [2017], 13 HOURS [2016], TERMINATOR GENISYS [2015], and the upcoming MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT [2018])
Cinematographer: Luis David Sansans (THE BELKO EXPERIMENT [2017])
Editor: Melissa Kent (TRAFFIK [2018], AMERICAN PASTORAL [2016], and the upcoming THE INTRUDER [2018])

This is my honest opinion of: CAPTIVE


Based on true events that took place in Georgia (2005), Brian Nichols (David Oyelowo) escapes from jail, killing four people in the process. Simultaneously, Ashley Smith (Kate Mara) is a single mother whose daughter was taken from her, due to her drug addiction to meth. These two broken spirits eventually meet, Brian holding Ashley hostage in her own home. Though the two spend a short time together, they form a strange bond where they both find the grace of God. Ashley finally gives up being a drug addict and eventually convinces Brian to give himself up to the authorities and accept whatever fate awaits him.


Well… I guess I wasn’t wrong. Performances were pretty solid, but this story tied its own hands and threw itself in front of a train.

Now, fun fact, this was based on true events, so I want to be sensitive about what I say, but at the same time this is an adaptation. An adaptation of true events. And my general rule of thumb is that an adaptation of true events should be taken with a grain of salt. There’s no telling what was exaggerated, what was false, what was true, what was KINDA true, there’s just too many factors to consider. At the end of the day, it’s a movie. A movie that is so poorly written, it took every fiber of my being NOT to scream at the screen. But I’ll get to that. Trust me… we’ll get to that shit.

First, the movie’s saving grace: the acting. Yes, Mara is at least better in this movie than she was in FANT4STIC. While I certainly think the character of Ashley Smith is nothing original, a drug addict trying to be a better mom (hell, I’ve written that character), but Mara certainly adds depth that I think few actresses would be able to accomplish and get an audience engaged to her, hoping she’d live and be better for her daughter. So bravo to Mara for being a big contribution to saving this movie. A shout out should also be given to everyone’s favorite bad-ass from TV show BOARDWALK EMPIRE, Michael K. Williams. Like every other character, two-dimensional and just there to be a bad-ass, but he makes it work, so it can be forgiven.

Now… eh, I don’t want to rant just yet. Let me just tackle some… I guess not-so-obvious rants. Oyelowo, damn dude. You were a titan in SELMA. What a shame to see you playing this role. Oh, mind you, this isn’t a bad acting job, not by any stretch. But dear lord, the movie makes Brian Nichols out to be a kind of blessing in disguise, but… I didn’t buy it for a second. Brian is a despicable man who claims he never raped and murdered his girlfriend… even though you STRAIGHT MURDERED FOUR PEOPLE, YOU LYING SACK OF SHIT!!! Honestly, did ANYONE writing this story think we’d empathize with this man? Nah, even if he didn’t do any of that stuff before, he’s guilty of everything else, so @#$% that shit. He’s a completely not-relatable character, despite writer Brian Bird’s and Oyelowo’s best efforts, this is a character I wanted to just @#$%ing die and get off screen. There’s no redeeming value in Brian. If the real events, or the real Ashley Smith truly believed there was something to cherish in this man, then the movie failed to captivate that. All we’re left with is a murderer who doesn’t do anything but cause more suffering.

Now for my rant…. er, actually, I guess I already did my rant of the cardinal sin that I found in this movie… aw, @#$% it. I’m ranting on the terrible writing now. Seriously, @#$%ing seriously, there’s a scene where Ashley offers Brian a hit of her powdered meth. He snorts it and goes paranoid crazy. She tells him, “Oh, I need to use the bathroom and I can’t go while you’re staring.” Brian’s over here, being a crazy person on meth, but takes a solid FIVE @#$%ING MINUTES before realizing that he left TWO @#$%ING PISTOLS IN THE BATHROOM…. uh, HELLO, ASHLEY, did Brian snort your common sense along with that meth??? Grab one of those @#$%ing guns and start firing at the man who is HOLDING YOU HOSTAGE IN YOUR OWN HOME!!! Holy @#$%ing shit, that had me face-palming my face till it was red.

Oh my god, that’s not even the only bad scene. There’s this one scene where they need to hide the truck that Brian stole. They have to take separate cars so he has a ride back to Ashley’s house. He’s threatening her with the address to Ashley’s aunt’s house where Ashley’s daughter lives. So far, understandable. But… for the love of God, as soon as Brian plants the truck where he wants, he’s running out into the middle of the road…. right in front Ashley’s car…. READY FOR HER TO RUN HIM OVER AND END HER PROBLEMS RIGHT @#$%ING THERE!!! AND WHAT DOES SHE DO??? She unlocks the door for him and lets him climb on in to go back home. OKAY, ASHLEY!!! O- @#$%ING-KAY!!! *face-palm*

It doesn’t get much worse than that, but there are some similarly bad scenes that just… oh god, terrible. Absolutely dreadful. This might be one of the worst written stories I’ve seen in a long-ass time, and that’s saying something since FANT4STIC and SELF/LESS have come out. While I think the performances of the actors prevent it from being a DISASTER, I might say pass on this.

My honest rating for CAPTIVE: 2/5


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