Netflix (transfer) review: THE RIDICULOUS 6 (2015)

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These “transfer” reviews are from when I only did reviews on my Facebook page back in 2015. Bare in mind when reading these, I didn’t have the same formula in my review writing that I do now, and my usual “who starred and who directed” information is completely absent, so everything “italicized” is new. With that said, enjoy this review from 2015.

Adam Sandler. By God, he was my comedic hero as a kid. I grew up on his movies. HAPPY GILMORE, BILLY MADISON, BIG DADDY, it was hard to not love the guy or find his movies entertaining. But then his career started to take a turn and his movies stopped being the must-see comedies of the year. Maybe they weren’t bad movies, but his early career is undoubtedly where his star was shining brightest. But nowadays… what the hell happened? Where did it really all go downhill for him? Yeah, I hear LITTLE NICKY sucked, but, it wasn’t really until GROWN UPS was released that the decline of Sandler’s films became apparent, and JACK AND JILL really put the nail in the coffin for Sandler’s career for the last five-ish years and hasn’t done a good or even decent movie since.

What with his most recent flop, PIXELS, still fresh in everyone’s memory, it’s probably not an accident that Sandler wanted to release RIDICULOUS 6 as a Netflix movie. Not to mention the movie was already accumulating a great deal of controversy almost as soon as the project was announced. There were reports that said a lot of Native Americans that were being portrayed in the film left the set because they were offended with how they were being portrayed (inaccuracies in costumes and culture, the usual stuff). Damn, insulting the 80’s gaming community wasn’t enough, but now he’s offending an entire LEGIT culture. Like I said, damn. But the movie was released on Netflix anyway and I couldn’t resist. Didn’t have high hopes, but I watched it anyway in hopes that the trend would end for the once awesome Adam Sandler.

Starring: Adam Sandler (HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA [2012], HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 [2015], PIXELS [2015], and the upcoming HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: SUMMER VACATION [2018]), Danny Trejo (STORKS [2016], and upcoming films BULLY [2018] and MADNESS IN THE METHOD [2018]), Rob Schneider (NORM OF THE NORTH [2016]), Luke Wilson (BRAD’S STATUS [2017], ROCK DOG [2017], CONCUSSION [2015], and upcoming films BERLIN, I LOVE YOU [2018] and HOLLOW BODY [2018]), and Terry Crews (DEADPOOL 2 [2018], and upcoming films SORRY TO BOTHER YOU [2018] and JOHN HENRY [2019])

Support: Jorge Garcia (ROCK DOG), Taylor Lautner (TWILIGHT [2008] and THE ADVENTURES OF SHARK BOY AND LAVE GIRL [2005]), Nick Nolte (TROPIC THUNDER [2008], HULK [2003], and upcoming films THE PADRE [2018] and ANGEL HAS FALLEN [2019]), Julia Jones (WIND RIVER [2017], ANGELIQUE’S ISLE [2018] and HARD POWDER [2019]), and Whitney Cummings (UNFORGETTABLE [2017] and WHITNEY [2011 – 2013])

Director: Frank Coraci (CLICK [2006], THE WEDDING SINGER [1998], and the upcoming HOT AIR [2018])
Writers: Tim Herlihy (PIXELS) and Adam Sandler (HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2)
Composers: Rupert Gregson-Williams (WONDER WOMAN [2017], HACKSAW RIDGE [2016], and upcoming films THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS [2018] and AQUAMAN [2018]) and Elmo Weber (unknown movies and the upcoming GRADUATES [2018])
Cinematographer: Dean Semier (THE LAST WITCH HUNTER [2015])
Editor: Tom Costain (the upcoming GRADUATES)

This is my honest opinion of: THE RIDICULOUS 6


The story follows White Knife, once named Tommy (Adam Sandler), a white man raised by Native Americans after his mother’s murder when he was a boy. Soon to be married to his fiance Smoking Fox (Julia Jones), Tommy’s biological father, Frank (Nick Nolte) makes an appearance. He reveals that he is sick and dying soon, but wanted to make amends with his son. They seem to hit it off okay, that is until Frank’s old gang led by the ruthless Cicero (Danny Trejo) demands the money ($50,000) that they think Frank stole from them. Revealing that the money is buried far away, the gang takes Frank with ease in exchange for sparing Tommy and his Native American people. Tommy is unable to let this stand and goes out to look for the $50,000 that Frank owes. Along the way, he discovers that Frank was a bit of a sexually driven man in the past and has five seemingly unrelated half-brothers: the Mexican, Ramon (Rob Schneider), the mentally challenged Lil’ Pete (Taylor Lautner), the large, but verbally inept Herm (Jorge Garcia), the black and muscular Chico (Terry Crews), and the devilishly handsome and grief-stricken Danny (Luke Wilson). Together, the six of them start robbing men without honor in hopes to pay off their father’s debt and high jinks ensues.


Jesus Christ, STAR WARS can’t get here soon enough. Swing and an embarrassing as @#$% miss. This is worse than PIXELS.

Whereas PIXELS got a giggle out of me once or twice BECAUSE of how bad the movie was, this movie was just… uncomfortable. Everyone knows that prolonged projectile shots of bodily waste is just not funny to me. The moment I see that happen in a comedy, I already label it as a bad movie and it has a steep uphill travel to recover from it. But this doesn’t do that. I know it’s a comedy, I know it’s supposed to be “ridiculous,” I know it’s not saying, “this is how this minority really acts,” but come the fuck on, people. Why not be the first comedy to accurately portray a minority? What, is there some sort of unspoken law that must offend every nationality? If that is the case, then it’s no wonder why I avoid comedies most of the time, and if it’s not the case, then why the @#$% are those movies so hard to find?

One of the saddest parts about this film is the talent they roped in. Every actor in here has done great work in the past, but have been reduced to blithering idiots that I just want to shut the hell up so I can go to the bathroom to vomit. How the hell did Lautner, Garcia, Crews, and Wilson get on this project? Why did they say yes to this script? It’s expected that Sandler and Schneider would say yes, they practically have careers BECAUSE of each other, but everyone else… just why? Was this a pity role? Did Sandler beg these stars to do him a favor? What the hell? Do I even need to comment on how they couldn’t even get KEVIN JAMES??? He’s been a mainstay in Sandler’s movies since CHUCK AND LARRY. You know it’s not a good sign when even HE says no to the movie, but Vanilla Ice and Blake Shelton will say yes.

I honestly can’t go on. I have a tokyo tea that’s not agreeing with me right now and I just don’t have the energy to rant anymore about stupid twists, near-insulting cameos, among other reasons this movie is awful.

Unfunny, and a complete waste of time and studio money.

My honest rating for THE RIDICULOUS 6: 1/5


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