Jesus, when was the last time you saw John Travolta on the big screen? Actually… come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Travolta on the big screen in my life. Every movie I’ve ever seen of him has been on DVD or Netflix. But I’ve never seen been to the cinemas and actually saw him. This… this is monumental for me. I think I’m rather excited.

The story looks like it’s about a true story about a gangster in New York who accumulates a crap load of power and enemies.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have John Travolta (BOLT [2008], THE PUNISHER [2004], and upcoming films MOOSE [2018] and SPEED KILLS [2018]), Kelly Preston (BROKEN BRIDGES [2006] and SKY HIGH [2005]), Spencer Rocco Lofranco (stuff I’ve never seen or heard of), and Stacy Keach (GOLD [2017]).

Now for the crew. Directing, we have Kevin Connolly, known for stuff I’ve never seen or heard of. Co-writing the script is Lem Dobbs (HAYWIRE [2011]) and Leo Rossi (stuff I’ve never seen or heard of). Co-composing the score, making for a grand total of three, we have Jacob Bunton (debut as a composer; congrats, sir), Jorge Gomez (debut as a composer; congrats, sir), and Pitbull (stuff I’ve never seen or heard of). The cinematographer is Michael Barrett, known for OVERBOARD (2018), TED 2 (2015), and the upcoming NOMIS (2018). Finally, the editor is Jim Flynn, known for THE FOREST (2016)

Overall, I’m sure the story is nothing all that different, but Travolta looks like he’s going to be a lot of fun to watch. So I’m probably more excited than I should be.

This is my honest opinion of: GOTTI



Set between the 1970s and 2009. The life and times of gangster John Gotti (John Travolta) from his time as an underling for Paul Castellano (Donald John Volpenhein) and seizing power from him for himself.


Ugh, what the hell happened here? Travolta as a gangster. How did this end up being so bad?

You know what this movie ended up being? A bunch of vignettes of Travolta acting like a New York gangster. I know I sound repetitive right now, but it’s so true. The movie starts off like THE WALK (2015) with Travolta as John Gotti talking to the camera. Then we get a scene where John is an old man dying of cancer in prison, about to talk to his son Junior (Spencer Rocco Loranco). Once that scene concludes, then we get a flashback to him in prison… as a younger man. It’s really awkward and jarring. Then he gets released. Then he’s back in jail. Basically, it’s a whole lot of things happening that don’t have any tie-in whatsoever and it never lets up for the entire film. It never mellows out, randomly cuts to John as an old man with no sensible transition in or out of these scenes.

Hell, for the most part, there isn’t even a real plot. I would assume that the movie was trying to build up the idea that John didn’t like the way that Castellano ran the Gambino family and started laying the groundwork of taking over. But that’s not made clear. All that the audience is ever shown is… exactly what I’ve been saying this entire time: Travolta acting like a gangster.

There’s almost nothing to really talk about, although I’m sure any student of film and anyone who studies it would have a field day regarding the editing alone, but is there anything that this movie does right?

Well, the performances are fine enough. If you wanted Travolta to look like an intimidating mob boss, he sells it. This is also arguably the best performance I’ve seen out of Kelly Preston, even though I’ve not seen much of her work. But even that is sort of shot dead when you realize that the characters aren’t given any character. They’re just stereotypes.

Overall, I don’t know if this is going to be in my bottom ten of the year, but you won’t hear me argue with anyone who wants to put it down as such. It’s a very poorly made film and the editing alone slaughters it. As a recommendation, I do not recommend it. At all. I can’t personally say it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely an incompetent movie. The true review of an amateur movie critic who paid to see this mess of a gangster movie.

My honest rating for GOTTI: 2/5

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