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Due to a severe case of boredom, I’ve decided to give myself a project. After watching the first season of the TV show GOOD WITCH, and seeing it as a guilty pleasure, I’ve decided to catch myself up on the stories that lead up to the show and watch the TV movies:

There’s a lot of sap and schmaltz to get through, so let’s get under way, shall we?

Last one! The home stretch!

Here’s the cast. Starring we have Catherine Bell (THE DO-OVER [2016] and TV show ARMY WIVES [2007 – 2013]), Chris Potter (THE PACIFIER [2005] and TV show X-MEN [1992 – 1997]), Hannah Endicott-Douglas (stuff I’ve never seen or heard of), Matthew Knight (SKINWALKERS [2006]), and Catherine Disher (TV show X-MEN and video game RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS [1999]). In support, we have Peter MacNeill (A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE [2005], SIMON BIRCH [1998], and the upcoming AN AUDIENCE OF CHAIRS [2018]), Noah Cappe (stuff I’ve never seen or heard of), Ashely Leggat (stuff I’ve never seen or heard of), Rachel Wilson (AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME [1999]), and Paul Popwich (stuff I’ve never seen or heard of).

Now for the crew. Directing, we have Craig Pryce, known for stuff I’ve never seen or heard of. Penning the screenplay is G. Ross Parker, known for pretty much just the Good Witch movies. Co-composing the score are Jack Lenz (known for 34 episodes of GOOSEBUMPS [1995 – 1998]) and Orest Hrynewich (stuff I’ve never seen or heard of). The cinematographer is John Berrie, known for stuff I’ve never seen or heard of. Finally, the editor is Mark Sanders, known for stuff I’ve never seen or heard of.

This is my honest opinion of: THE GOOD WITCH’S WONDER



Cassie Russell (Catherine Bell) hires a new employee and friend, Audrey (Rachel Wilson), who seems to be a mysterious and troubled woman. Brandon (Matthew Knight) and his fiancé Tara (Ashley Leggat) have decided to change their wedding to a closer date due to Brandon having a great opportunity offered to him from his music studio, but disagreements between them on what kind of wedding it should be cause problems in their relationship.


Jeez, this movie franchise ended on about the worst note possible. This is the one that got me pretty annoyed. Er… more annoyed than usual, anyway.

Once again, George (Peter MacNeill) is complaining about something new and different from his time. He picks Grace (Lily-Fay Mowbray) up from school and starts complaining about the methods used for teaching. Yup, it’s another old guy complex with him. It was a tired subplot when it was first used, it’s a tired subplot now. It’s not even resolved either. All Grace does is show him that she can tie her own shoes and suddenly he accepts the teacher’s methods. Because… of course?

The relationship between Brandon and Tara is melodramatic. They’ve clearly been dating for awhile, more than a couple years, given Grace’s age in this movie, so how have they not figured out that they have differences? Aren’t there studies that say it takes two years to really get to know somebody? Have Brandon and Tara just spent the entire time being in love with each other rather than have a legit adult relationship? It’s the Hallmark Channel, I suppose. It really wouldn’t be a shock if that was the case.

Also, when dealing with issues like Audrey being in an abusive marriage and stealing stuff to pawn for money, does anyone really care about Lori’s desires for a boyfriend to take to her brother’s wedding? I don’t care, movie. I really don’t. Especially since the guy who is after her is kind of creepy, crashing her dates like forcing romance works. But of course it does because… Hallmark Channel. Why not?

And I guess this is definitely the origins of where my disdain for Martha is born, being the new mayor of Middleton. Already getting her hands on everything that doesn’t need to be mucked up, like changing the police officer attire. Seriously, no one in this town offered to step up and run opposition to this mentally deranged woman?! I really don’t get how a town like this, as “charming” as it is, would allow to run. And for several years from the looks of things. Between this last movie and the pilot of the TV show, it has to have been at least ten years and no one’s thrown their hat into the ring? Ugh… this woman has no priorities and seriously shouldn’t be in a position of power at all. I have to legit ask, what good has she done with her position?! I saw the first season of the show. She took credit for someone else’s work more than anything and rarely did anything useful. Ugh, I give up on this woman. If I ever need to be reminded that there were times when I didn’t mind her character, I’ll remind myself that the even numbered movies exist.

Overall, this was an endurance test. Sure, I’ve seen worse movies in general, and this is still fairly harmless, if not repetitive in its story, but I tell ya, I’m so glad I’m done with this movie franchise. Like I’ve stated before, the only reason why I care about the show at all is because I enjoy Bailee Madison as an actress and would like to see her in more movies in the future. She deserves it. But for now, I’m laying this schmaltz to rest and moving on with the show.

My honest rating for THE GOOD WITCH’S WONDER: a weak 3/5


7 Replies to “THE GOOD WITCH’S WONDER (2014) review”

  1. Give us Jack Lenz musical score for Good Witch! We are looking everywhere for it and just get snippets on You Tube. It’s awesome!!!


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