Does Hollywood somehow think that politicians are gifts to audiences around the holiday season? Because unless they’re Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they’re really not. But I accept Sam Rockwell as a present!

The story looks like it’s about the political relationship between Dick Cheney and every other important political figure during George W. Bush’s tenure as President.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have Christian Bale (HOSTILES [2017], KNIGHT OF CUPS [2016], BIG SHORT [2015], TERMINATOR SALVATION [2009], DARK KNIGHT [2008], and the upcoming FORD VS. FERRARI [2019]), Amy Adams (JUSTICE LEAGUE [2017], NOCTURNAL ANIMALS [2016], and the upcoming THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW [2019]), Steve Carell (WELCOME TO MARWEN [2018], BATTLE/SEXES [2017], CAFÉ SOCIETY [2016], and MINIONS [2015]), and Sam Rockwell (BLAZE [2018], THREE BILLBOARDS [2017], IRON MAN 2 [2010], CHARLIE’S ANGELS [2000], and upcoming films THE BEST OF ENEMIES [2019] and JOJO RABBIT [2019]).

In support, we have Shea Whigham (EL ROYALE [2018], KONG [2017], STAR TREK 3 [2016], and upcoming films CITY OF LIES [2019] and TO THE STARS [2019]), Jesse Plemons (GAME NIGHT [2018], AMERICAN MADE [2017], BRIDGE OF SPIES [2015], and the upcoming THE IRISHMAN [2019]), Eddie Marsan (WHITE BOY RICK [2018], THEIR FINEST [2017], CONCUSSION [2015], SHERLOCK HOLMES [2009] and GAME OF SHADOWS [2011], MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III [2006] and the upcoming HOBBS AND SHAW [2019]), Lily Rabe (MIDSUMMER/DREAM [2018], PAWN SACRIFICE [2015], and the upcoming SGT. WILL GARDNER [2019]), and Tyler Perry (THE STAR [2017] and TMNT: OUT/SHADOWS [2016], and the upcoming A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL [2019]).

Now for the crew. Writing and directing is Adam McKay, known for BIG SHORT. Two of the producers are Will Ferrell (OH LUCY! [2017], THE BOSS [2016], and the upcoming BOOKSMART [2019]) and Brad Pitt (BEALE STREET [2018], LOST/Z [2017], MOONLIGHT [2016], BIG SHORT, and upcoming films THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO [2019] and AD ASTRA [2019]). Composing the score is Nicholas Britell, known for BEALE STREET, BATTLE/SEXES, and FREE/JONES (2016). The cinematographer is Greig Fraser, known for STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE (2016). Finally, the editor is Hank Corwin, known for SONG TO SONG (2017) and BIG SHORT.

Overall, yet another political flick, so I’m probably not going to understand everything, will likely get bored, and likely won’t be my favorite movie of year. Still, it’ll be nice to see all these talents working off of each other and to see what these impersonations will be like. No real expectations.

This is my honest opinion of: VICE



Set  between 1968 and 2003. Dick Cheney (Christian Bale) was a drunken college dropout who only turned his life around when his wife Lynne (Amy Adams) threatened to leave him, and his eventual entering in politics, learning from Donald Rumsfeld (Steve Carell), and slowly climbing the political ladder until eventually becoming the Vice President to George W. Bush (Sam Rockwell).


Yeah, I like this latest outing by McKay.

As per usual, political movies aren’t usually my cup of tea, but this is a lot of fun, due in no small part to the film’s hilarious ways of explaining things. Brad Jones from his Midnight Reviews on YouTube said it best. This movie is like having the fun history teacher who will throw out a lot of jokes to do a better job of connecting the bored students to the otherwise boring subject matter, so I appreciate that about McKay’s style. Basically if you liked BIG SHORT, then you’re going to like this. There’s no celebrity cameos this go-round, but there’s creativity in the fun explanations. One of my favorite examples is when Rumsfeld and some other blokes are debating how to handle who to target for the 9/11 attacks (or whatever the issue was), but it’s all done in like it’s a restaurant and Alfred Molina is their server. Er… trust me it’s far smarter in the movie.

Unfortunately, that’s about all I can say about the flick. Sure, the acting is great, and the makeup is particularly amazing, but beyond that I don’t know what to talk about. It’s been less than a week since I saw it and most of it went in one ear and out the other. I’d say if you are interested in the subject matter, this will be a great watch. Beyond that, it’s fun, but not in my wheelhouse.

My honest rating for VICE: a strong 3/5

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