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Ugh… someone kill me.

The story looks like it’s about a death in the Madea family, but everyone’s cracking jokes left and right.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have Tyler Perry (VICE [2018], THE STAR [2017], and TMNT 2 [2016]), Cassi Davis (stuff I’ve either never seen or heard of), Patrice Lovely (stuff I’ve either never seen or heard of), Mike Tyson (THE HANGOVER [2009], ROCKY BALBOA [2006], and the upcoming THE DEVIL MAY CARE [2019]), and Ciera Payton (stuff I’ve either never seen or heard of).

Now for the crew. Writing and directing is Tyler Perry, known for NOBODY’S FOOL (2018). Composing the score is Philip White, known for NOBODY’S FOOL. The cinematographer is Richard J. Vialet, known for NOBODY’S FOOL. Finally, the editor is Larry Sexton, known for NOBODY’S FOOL.

Seeing as I’m not a fan of Tyler Perry when he’s playing Madea, I’m not going to like this movie. ‘Nuff said. Let’s get to it.

This is my honest opinion of: A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL



On the eve of a family reunion for an anniversary, Brian (Tyler Perry), Madea, and company encounter the unfortunate death of a family member who was having an affair on his wife. As the family tries to keep their mouths shut about the incident, even more couples are cheating on each other and it’s a field of landmines for everyone trying to cover up their actions and lie to one another.


Well, big shocker, I hate this movie. I shouldn’t be surprised about it, but I never seem to know how to brace myself for the aggressive lack of comedy in these movies. I give Perry some credit, this movie doesn’t just kill comedy. It butchers it. It cannibalizes it, shits it out, and eats the shit again.

You know what this movie is? It’s about dumb-asses. I don’t even know how figurative anyone should take that. Just… dumb-asses. It’s about cheaters. A brother is banging the fiancé of his brother… and basically says that he doesn’t care, but the fiancé feels bad. Um… yeah, so bad that she cheats on her fiancé. Sorry, bitch, no one sympathizes with you since there’s no reason for the cheating. I probably shouldn’t be analyzing the reasons for cheating in the God-damned Madea movie, which I won’t, but the point is, these are awful people. The movie centers around the anniversary of this couple… and the husband is cheating on his wife with her best friend. Later on in the movie, we find out that he’d cheated on her before, but she tolerated it because of love. Ugh… not saying that couples can’t bounce back from an extramarital affair, but those are very complex reasons that this movie sneezes at the audience, trying to make is sound deep and profound… from Madea herself. Seriously, f*** you too, movie. Madea is too annoying for drama.

On that note, Madea’s too annoying for comedy either. What’s so bizarre about this movie is the unflinching assassination of tone. Almost every scene is supposed to be heavy drama with family members dying, but you have Madea and her crew making repeated jokes. The score doesn’t even comply with this. It’ll still play soft and emotional music, but there’s the Madea clan yucking it up anyway. Even taking out Madea, the emotions would never land anyway. I doubt half these characters outside of the core Madea family have ever made appearances, so we never truly get to know any of them.

To make matters worse, this movie absolutely hates women. One of the wives being cheated on actually turns to her husband and asks, “Do you need me to be a better person?” Are you f***ing kidding me?! This is a character who has otherwise been grounded and sympathetic. But where I stop caring about her is her inability to have a serious confrontation with her husband when he treats her like shit. Not once is divorce brought up, or some measure of separation. What a load. Not to mention, the husband’s apology comes from nowhere. He’s never felt bad about cheating until the end where he’s faced with the very real possibility that he’s going to lose his wife, so it’ll never feel genuine. And to make matters all the more insulting, it’s Madea that spouts wisdom. My brain is just broken. A man dressed as a woman is still man-splaining shit to people who just need to move on with their lives.

I have nothing more to say about this movie. It’s on a loop of trying to be dramatic mixed with Madea humor and failing at every corner. Every joke is horrible. Not once did I laugh. Sitting through this movie was a God-damned chore. Tyler Perry says that this is the final movie for this character, but there’s no indication of that. There’s no sign of finality. You want personal opinion? Another movie will happen. Give it a couple years and I’ll bet you anything that he’ll make another one. If I’m wrong, I’ll crown it a holiday and celebrate with cake and presents. Believe me, I’ve only seen two movies now with Madea, but that’s two too many for my sanity. Avoid this movie, please. Do not fuel Perry’s obsession with shitty comedy.

My honest rating for A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL: 1/5

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