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For my review of the previous flick, click the following link: NO MANCHES FRIDA (2016)

Was the first movie really so successful and popular that it warranted a sequel?! I mean, I won’t pretend to have hated it, but… really?

The story looks like it’s about Zequi and Lucy about to get married, but Zequi breaks his promise to not to get wild and crazy, so the wedding is called off. They decide to compete their respective classes in a school trip, he sees that Lucy is dating a new man, and tries to win her back.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have Marta Higareda (3 IDIOTAS [2017]), Omar Chaparro (SHOW DOGS [2018], LATIN LOVER [2017], and upcoming films POKEMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU [2019] and BACKSEAT DRIVER [2019]), Itatí Cantoral (stuff that I’ve either never seen or heard of), and Aarón Díaz (stuff that I’ve either never seen or heard of).

Now for the crew. Directing, we have Nacho G. Velilla, known for stuff that I’ve either never seen or heard of. Co-writing the screenplay, making for a red-flag total of three writers, we have Claudio Herrera (stuff that I’ve either never seen or heard of), David S. Olivas (stuff that I’ve either never seen or heard of), and Sergio ‘Venado’ Sanchez (screenwriting debut; congrats, sir). Composing the score, we have Juanjo Javierre, known for stuff that I’ve either never seen or heard of. The cinematographer is David Omedes, known for stuff that I’ve either never seen or heard of. Finally, editor is Ángel Hernández Zoido, known for stuff I’ve either never seen or heard of. 

Overall, eh, if it’s anything like the previous flick, it won’t be good, but it’ll be… amusing. Fingers crossed.

This is my honest opinion of: NO MANCHES FRIDA 2: PARAÍSO DESTRUIDO



Zequi (Omar Chaparro) and Lucy (Martha Higareda) are finally ready to tie the knot. Well, Lucy is anyway. Despite promising that he wouldn’t drink at the bachelor party, Zequi starts freaking out about the future and breaks that promise. He shows up at the wedding, but vomits all over the priest and Lucy breaks off the engagement. During a meeting at school with the new principal, they learn that because Frida Kahlo High is going to be closed down, unless they can win an inter-school competition in chess, volleyball, and dance to demonstrate their discipline. Desperate to show that he isn’t irresponsible, he signs up his unruly class into the dance portion of the competition. However, the situation gets complicated when Lucy runs into an ex-boyfriend, the dashing and self-absorbed Mario (Aaron Davis), and the two decide to date while they’re together.


Whatever charm and entertainment I thought was in the first movie is gone in this sequel. This tries way too hard and fails at being funny.

From a narrative standpoint, the movie starts off wrong. Zequi promises Lucy to not drink at the bachelor party and drinks because… someone starts talking about kids, and commitment? I won’t pretend to know how much time took place between movies, but this is what dating is all about: seeing if you’re compatible with each other. So… how in piss did these characters not discuss the future? Marriage seemed to be in the cards, so why not everything else that would naturally come later?

Anything afterward is just… ugh. Two God-damned scenes of projectile vomiting, which already hits one of my comedy no-nos. Why is this a thing?! Why is excessive CGI vomiting a thing in bad comedies?! And the fact that they do this twice is baffling and dumb. Every character is freakin’ annoying. Zequi is so unlikable and pathetic. All he does is constantly say that he’s sorry and that he’s not immature or irresponsible. I’d say anyone watching this should turn it into a drinking game, but I’m pretty sure you’d die. The humor doesn’t land, always fishing for the easiest and brain-dead joke that a scene can offer. It’s like this movie was cranked out to make a quick buck without a single thought on how to make a good joke.

Really, if I think about it enough, this doesn’t even feel like a movie that belongs in 2019. The way that these teenagers are portrayed, all desperate to get laid and party, having sex talk that’s closer to how pre-pubescent boys talk about sex when they’re in a damned tree house, girls virgin-shaming a virgin girl who really wants to have sex with her boyfriend who has wandering eyes, this feels like a damned 90’s movie! Hell, maybe even an 80’s movie! I mean, how do stories like this get made in 2019?! Straight-to-DVD that shit and let real movies that are trying much harder than this have a time-slot in the cinemas! Jesus…

I have no idea how else to continue on with this review. This movie has nothing for me to talk about. It’s just a whole lot of, “that’s not funny.” The only reason why I’m (probably) not going to put this on my bottom ten list at the end of the year is because it’s not consistent with insulting my taste in comedy. It’s just a whole lot of dated jokes that never land. Never funny, but I’ve sat through far worse.

My honest rating for NO MANCHES FRIDA 2: PARAÍSO DESTRUIDO: 2/5

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