No segue. Already saw the movie, so let’s get to it.

Here’s the cast. Starring, we have Zach Galifianakis (WRINKLE/TIME [2018], LEGO BATMAN [2017], and KEEPING/JONESES [2016]), Hugh Jackman (FRONT RUNNER [2018], LOGAN [2017], and EDDIE THE EAGLE [2016]), and Zoe Saldana (AVENGERS: INFINITY [2018], GUARDIANS [2014] and VOL. 2 [2017], STAR TREK 3 [2016], and AVATAR [2009]).

In support, we have Timothy Olyphant (SNOWDEN [2016], and the upcoming ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD [2019]), Stephen Fry (ALICE 2 [2016]), Matt Lucas (SHERLOCK GNOMES [2018] and ALICE 2), and Emma Thompson (JOHNNY ENGLISH 3 [2018], BEAUTY/BEAST [2017], BRIDGET JONES 3 [2016], BURNT [2015], MEN IN BLACK 3 [2012], Harry Potter PHOENIX [2007] and AZKABAN [2004], and upcoming films LATE NIGHT [2019] and MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL [2019]).

Now for the crew. Writing and directing is Chris Butler, known for KUBO (2016) and PARANORMAN (2012). Finally, composing the score is Carter Burwell, known for 3 BILLBOARDS (2017), FINEST HOURS (2016), ANOMALISA (2015), and the upcoming THE GOOD LIAR (2019).

This is my honest opinion of: MISSING LINK



Sir Lionel Frost (voiced by Hugh Jackman) is a self-centered and egotistical, yet brave and charming adventurer bent on proving the existence of mythological creatures. Despite encountering them, he is never able to capture proof for his adventurer peers who have done more practical things, like hunt and climb mountains. One day, Lionel receives a letter claiming to know where to find a Big Foot. Despite being mocked, he strikes a deal that if he finds Big Foot, he’ll be welcomed and respected among his peers. Traveling to west coast of America, Lionel finds the Big Foot (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) but learns that it was him that sent the letter. Turns out, he’s lonely and wants Lionel’s adventuring skills to take him to the Himalayas where he believes that his cousins, the Yetis, are hiding. Lionel agrees.


You know, I gotta say it, I’m not feelin’ this one. It pains me to say that, as LAIKA usually does wonderful work, even at the worst of times, but this… I couldn’t get into it.

The easiest explanation I can give is… I wasn’t charmed by these characters. I mean, I guess no one was completely unlikable, I suppose, but… okay, let’s really dive in. Let’s tackle Susan first. He’s just one joke. He’s oblivious. He takes things very literal and doesn’t understand sarcasm. I’ve seen characters like this. Drax from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies comes straight into my mind and he was much funnier than Susan. Again, Susan is a likable enough character, but he’s just… bland. I guess I never felt invested in him because it doesn’t feel like it’s his story, but Frost’s. I know he’s lonely wants to find his place among the Yetis, but I didn’t connect with his loneliness because we never see him as a lonely person. We don’t see how it really affects him. It’s just told to us. And he’s just not that funny. He’s not even all that charming. Take the trolls from BOXTROLLS. They don’t say anything other than gibberish and single words for names, like “Eggs” or “Fish.” That’s cute because even though their speech is limited, we see how they are as individuals and a community of caring and contributing people who put themselves in danger just to make life a little easier for themselves. We don’t get anything even remotely similar with Susan.

Now for Frost. While he never completely falls into the “unlikable” category, as he does seem to genuinely want to help Susan reach the Yetis. But again, he suffers a similar problem. There’s no comedy out of him. He’s animated and voiced by Jackman like he’s supposed to be a comedic character, but it never happens. All he does is talk about having proof, or spouting exposition. I never really learned anything about his character. Just that he’s egotistical, but potentially really nice. That’s it.

I don’t even fully understand the mindset of the society of great men. I mean, sure, climbing big mountains and hunting great animals has its own merits, but why is the discovery of Big Foot not a potential good thing? If Frost finds something that shouldn’t even exist, then that should be pretty amazing and raise the reputation or prestige of the society. I don’t know, the bad guys were just generic bad guys. Wasn’t grabbing me.

Overall, the movie is just a whole lot of “going here and getting where they need to go” without a whole lot of obstacles. I won’t say that I hate the flick, I don’t, but compared to most LAIKA movies, this really misses the mark. As a recommendation, I say that this is a pass. A rental at best.

My honest rating for MISSING LINK: a weak 3/5

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